Panini’s Redemption Controversy: One Collector Demands Answers

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Recently, a collector brought to light an issue with Panini’s redemption process. For the uninitiated, a redemption card is essentially an “IOU” inserted in a pack, indicating that the collector will receive a specific card at a later date, usually because the athlete hasn’t signed the card in time for the product’s release.

This collector’s specific grievance revolves around a Plaxico Burress ‘Mettle Moments’ redemption card, numbered to 75, from Panini’s 2022 Elements product. The card, which promises an autograph from the former NFL star, has a redemption window closing on March 28, 2024.

However, the plot thickens.

While waiting for the promised card, this collector, who already has an active open redemption ticket with Panini, was surprised to see two of the exact Plaxico Burress cards being pulled from 2023 Plates and Patches Football boxes during a live break – a year after the redemption card was first acquired.

On the back of the card, you can actually see that it says 2022 Elements Football even though the card was inserted into ’23 Plates and Patches.

Confused and seeking clarification, the collector promptly reached out to Panini’s customer support. The initial response was that Burress hadn’t signed the cards, hence the delay in fulfilling the redemption. But with evidence of the card’s existence in the newer 2023 boxes, this explanation didn’t hold water.

Upon expressing this discrepancy, Panini’s response was to “escalate the issue” and promise a follow-up email, which, according to the collector, has yet to be received.

A similar Burress card was found in ’23 Plates and Patches that was meant for a previous product. On the back of this ‘Marquee Marks’ is 2020 Plates and Patches but the card was found in the 2023 product.

The situation leaves several burning questions in its wake:

  • Why were the Plaxico Burress cards, meant for 2022 Elements and supposedly waiting for autographs, found in the 2023 Plates and Patches boxes?
  • If the cards were indeed signed and available, why haven’t the redemptions been fulfilled?
  • How many other collectors are waiting for redemptions that are potentially already available in newer products?

These concerns highlight the need for transparency in the card collecting industry, especially regarding the redemption process. As the situation unfolds, collectors worldwide will undoubtedly be watching closely, hoping for both clarity and a resolution that ensures the integrity of the hobby they hold dear.

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