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BGS Grading Black Label SCAM
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Marx Cards BROKE
PSA Group Sub Ponzi Scheme ended. Court docs reveal clown show operation

Leaf NSCC Promo Scam

The twins are back taking a closer look at the sports card world and the people in it. With the hobby in a downturn for the first time in 7 years, will 2022 be the year of scams, scandals and shadiness?


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By Sports Card Radio


Cardboard Connection
“CEO” Mike Smeth Scandal

Colin & Ryan break the news that Cardboard Connection CEO Mike Smeth was popped with 5 felonies. 
This episode became famous for the twins saying "Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4...."


Josh Cade @CardFatherX Group Breaker Interview

Colin destroys then group breaker CardFatherX and effectively ends his breaking career.


Trimmed Slabs & @RippingWax Lawsuit Response

Colin & Ryan were the ONLY podcast to extensively cover the trimmed slab scandal of 2019


2014 Panini Flawless Football Scam

Panini America gets roasted by Colin for their "game worn" scam from 2014. Clips of the show ended up in the Washington Post.


5 Years - Ripping on Razzers + More

This 2013 show ROCKED the hobby and exposed illegal card raffles.

Most Wanted

Card Trimmers 

By SCR Investigations Unit

Sports Card Radio's coverage of the Card Trimming Scandal of 2019 was viewed by millions of people around the world.

Many of the details about the scandal were exclusively released on the website. Traffic to the website exploded and everyday the twins were taking calls from media members, haters and even law enforcement.

Below are many of the stories and people exposed by Sports Card Radio during a wild summer of 2019.

Gary Moser
a.k.a "Scissor Hands"
Melville, NY
Case Details

Robert Block
a.k.a "Fat Kid On The"
Boca Raton, FL
Case Details

Will Jaimet
a.k.a "One Touch"
Tigard, OR
Case Details

Bill Sliheet
a.k.a "Bull Sliheet"
Dallas, TX
Case Details

Dominick Cirigliano
a.k.a "Pharma Dom"
Montclair, NJ
Case Details

Eric Bitz
a.k.a "BuyTrimmedCards"
Canonsburg, PA
Case Details

Brian Ehricke Deer
a.k.a "Easy Money"
San Francisco, CA
Case Details

David Thorn
a.k.a "Small Package"
Denver, CO
Case Details

Steven Tormollan
a.k.a "InstaTrimmer"
Catonsville, MD
Case Details

Justin Stafford
a.k.a "It'll Grow Back"
Chesapeake, VA
Case Details

Evan Mathis
a.k.a "Ogre"
Case Details

Rod Iman
a.k.a "Trimmed Rod"
Greensboro, NC
Case Details

Brandon Taing
a.k.a "Party Boi"
Chesapeake, VA
Case Details

Kevin Burge
a.k.a "35 Strikes"
Mooresville, NC
Case Details

Charlie Barokas
a.k.a "Broke A**"
Mercer Island, WA
Case Details

Craig Roehrig
a.k.a "Cut & Run"
Verona, WI
Case Details

Dennis Pevarnick
a.k.a "Card Perv"
Lake Tahoe, CA
Case Details

Andy Tuttle
a.k.a "Nature Boi"
Marco Island, FL
Case Details

John & Kamala Slight
a.k.a "Sleight of Hands"
Escondido, CA
Case Details



By SCR Investigations Unit

Fake Lawyer




Fake Lawyer

Freedom Cardboard


Mike Smeth


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