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Hello, Friends…..

Yes, I wrote the word friends in the introduction to this letter. This is not a generic “Happy Holidays” letter you probably get hundreds of over the holiday season.

I was reflecting on 2017 last night and I realized that I live a very blessed life. I have an amazing family and an incredible set of friends I see regularly. At the same time I thought of my hobby friends. Whether they are my fellow manufacturers, internet retailers, breakers, retail stores, show dealers or collectors, I thought of hundreds of faces and people with whom I have spoken with over the last year.

Your friends are the ones who support you. Your friends are the ones you have the passionate desire to support. After really thinking about my blessed life, I realized my number of friends is staggering. I was floored thinking of what it means to have friends like this.

THANK YOU for being a friend in 2017. Your support is the definition of friendship. I can assure you I am passionate to serve and support you as well.  This time of year we all reflect and consider the past year. 2017 was amazing for me perosnally and professionally and your role in this clear, for which I cannot thank you enough.

As we move into 2018. I have a couple of promises for my friends. I will continue to fight FOR you in this hobby of ours. I will continue to fight WITH you in this hobby of ours. I will serve and support you in the coming year and I will continue to have sincere thankflness for your support.

With the mushy stuff out of the way, I sincerely want to wish the happiest of holidays to you, your family and our mutual friends.

Let’s have a fantastic 2018!!!!!!!!!

With the warmest regards and thankfulness,

Brian Gray

Your Friend in Collecting

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