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January 25, 2010
Colts Reach Super Bowl
The Indianapolis Colts just beat the New York Jets to win the AFC Championship. They go on to play the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest Colts eBay items currently on the market.

(1) – 1999 Donruss Elite Peyton Manning/Johnny Unitas Dual Autograph

1999 Donruss Elite Manning Unitas Dual Auto

Auction With Most Watchers: 59

Peyton Manning can add a lot to his legacy, and the value of his autograph if he is able to lead the Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLIV. The Elite Dual Autograph with former Colts legend Johnny Unitas was already over $1,000 when I first checked on it.

(2)2009 Upper Deck Black Triple Autograph Peyton/Eli/Archie Manning

2009 UD Black Triple Auto Peyton Eli Archie Manning

Auction With Most Watchers: 50

Getting the entire family on one card, all autographed, that is pretty sweet. It will also cost you some $doe$ as well. Be sure to check out Eli’s Rookie Card Checklist to pick up some cards while all eyes are on Peyton. 

(3) 1998 Collectors Edge Peyton Manning Rookie Ink Autograph

1998 Collectors Edge Rookie Ink Auto Peyton Manning

Auction With Most Watchers: 45

Back in 1998, Autographed Rookies weren’t flooding the market like they are today. So this 1998 Collectors Edge Peyton Manning Autograph RC is a rare card indeed. Several of these cards will hit eBay over the next two weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLIV.

(4) 1998 Sp Authentic Peyton Manning RC

1998 Sp Authentic Peyton Manning RC

Auction With Most Watchers: 44

This is my favorite Manning RC.  These cards are condition sensitive, because the foil on the card ‘flakes off’.  The 1998 Sp Authentic Set was one of the early pioneer sets for serial numbered RC cards that are everywhere today.

(5)Pierre Garcon 2008 Playoff Contenders Autograph RC

Pierre Garcon 2008 Playoff Contenders Auto RC

Auction With Most Watchers: 41

Garcon came up big for the Colts in the AFC Championship game against the Jets. With Darrelle Revis holding Reggie Wayne in check, Garcon was able to make some plays down the field.

Super Bowl XLIV might end up being a high scoring affair. Look for Garcon to play a major role in the passing game. If he puts up big numbers, and the Colts are able to get a ‘W’, Garcon items could be in for a huge pop during the off-season.

Other  FlameHot Colts ItemsFlame On eBay:

1969 Colts vs. Jets Super Bowl III Program*37 Watchers*

Colts Jets Super Bowl Program

Peyton Manning Autographed Footballs*37 Watchers*

Peyton Manning Autographed Football

Peyton Manning Autographed Helmets*36 Watchers*

Peyton Manning Autographed Helmet

Indianapolis Colts 2-3/4 Inch Embroidered Logo Patch*35 Watchers*

Colts Logo Patch

2009 Triple Threads Peyton Manning AUTO White Whale 1/1*35 Watchers*

2009 Triple Threads Peyton Manning White Whale 1/1

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