Super Bowl XLIV Saints vs. Colts Coin Flips

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Saints vs. Colts


All the important questions about the game.
Best Jerseys
Best Cheerleaders
Best Former Player

The Colts and Saints Jerseys are very simple. This decision just comes down to color preference. In this case, I have to go with the Colts. I’d still have a Saints jersey in the closet just in case I had to go to a part of town where neutral colors must be worn.

FansEdge.com is a good source to pick up an authentic or replica jersey for the big game. The best thing about Fans Edge is that you know you’re getting the real deal. Fake Saints and Colts jerseys will be all over the place in the few weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLIV.

Another place to shop for jerseys is eBay.  While not all of the jerseys sold their are real, deals can be found if you look around.  Check out the selection of Colts Jerseys and Saints Jerseys right now on eBay.

I have to be honest. I wasn’t that impressed with the quality of girls on either team. But after taking a close look at both squads, I will have to take the Saints.

Finding Cheerleader merchandise is sometimes difficult. Looks like eBay has the widest variety of stuff for the best price.

It’s difficult to pick between Johnny Unitas and Archie Manning for many reasons. Both were great NFL QB’s. Not only that, Archie is Peyton’s father which throws a unique storyline into the mix for Super Bowl XLIV.  Not going to flip this one, it’s a push.

Both Archie Manning and Unitas might see a slight pop in the value of their cards on eBay during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, the two modern day QB’s, will heat up eBay so be sure to check out what the market is like:

Johnny Unitas UD Masterpieces

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