Top 5 Pearl Jam Albums

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Pearl Jam – The Top 5 Albums List
If you enjoy rock music on any level, even if you just have a mild interest, you’d be doing yourself a favor to go see Pearl Jam in concert sometime soon. I can still remember being in the 8th grade and looking down at a 100 yard mosh pit as Pearl Jam ripped off a 33 song set way back in 1995.  About a dozen or so more shows over the years, including 3 in the front row, these guys can really put on a great show.

They’ve changed over the years. Early 90’s Pearl Jam were 5 young guys rocking out. The bands popularity grew to staggering heights.  Time Magazine even featured Eddie Vedder on a 1992 cover.  Around 1995 the constant touring, and attention wore the band thin.  They froze out MTV (when videos were HUGE) after their first record. They even took Ticketmaster to court because they didn’t want fans paying for “service fees” when buying concert tickets. The music took on a different feel as well.  A softer tone, with more powerful lyrics. 

I get the sense that the band has caught their stride. They seem at peace with their place in music. Their recent albums have reflected that ease. So off the top of my head I will list my top 5 Pearl Jam albums. In reality, the top 3 could change spots during any given month.

Vs. – 10/19/1993

Best Songs:

Yield – February 3, 1998

Best Songs:
Brain of J
Given to Fly
Low Light

Pearl Jam – May 2, 2006

Best Songs:
Life Wasted

Ten – August 27, 1991

Could probably be #1, but I thought I’d mix it up. All of the songs are good. Seriously.

Binaural – May 16, 2000

Best Songs:
Of The Girl

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