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NBA 2K10 My Player Addiction
Typically I play the team franchise mode whenever I get a sports game. I enjoy trying to dump all the high priced verteran players and scoop draft picks to fill a lineup of top NBA draft picks that I scout. I may go back and do that for NBA 2K10 but I have been hooked on the new Create-A-Player mode where you start out as an NBA prospect and work your way into the NBA.

I decided I wanted to be a point guard because I didn’t want to wait around for someone to pass me the ball. Kobe Jr is born. 6′ 3″ point guard from the little known Pacific University in Stockton, CA. I may have not done something right, or maybe it was the fact that I chose a small college that Kobe Jr. was never even drafted into the NBA.

I started my career in an NBA training camp for the Miami Heat and things didn’t go well. I was cut and sent down to the D-League. I ended up playing several weeks of games in the D-Leauge which crushes your mind considering you bought an NBA game to play in the NBA. After getting two 10 day contracts in the NBA (including some games I started) I was sent down to the D-Leauge again for the remainder of the season.

What’s cool about this mode is that each game, depending on how well you play…you are rewarded with Skill Points that you use to build up your player. I was playing like Kobe Sr. and quickly built my player up to get invited to the LA Clippers training camp.

After proving that Baron Davis had no place in the starting lineup I became the starting point-guard for the LA Clippers. The computer even traded B-Diddy away after a few weeks and I was off an rolling. After playing many games in the D-League…the game play in the NBA game was much tougher. You couldn’t just blow by Deron Williams and Tony Parker like I could every night in the D-League. It makes the game realistic and fun.

This mode makes the replay value of the game far better than previous years. I can see myself playing this for a while. Maybe try to win MVP or an NBA Ring. You really do get the feeling that you are in the NBA as teamates sometimes don’t pass to you and the coach can pull you out at anytime. The Steven A Smith look-a-like that plays your ‘agent’ is usually saying the same thing and he gets boring after a while.

This being the first year of this mode for 2K NBA Basketball I hope the good folks at Take Two Interactive make this better for next year. Some of my suggestions:

Contacts – Seems like everyone has one but me! Your own NBA contact is hidden and I think you should have some control over this feature.

Longer Games – Sometimes you get taken out so with 5 Min Quarters you end up playing 3.5 Mins per. Its tough to fill it up in that short of time. Boosting your stamina to 99 helps.

More Single Game Achievements – You can earn bonus skill points by scoring a certain amount of points and having assists…but that’s about it. I would like to see single game bonuses be awarded more often.

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