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A listener e-mailed me about last weeks show and wanted to give some more tips for everyone. I think they are really good and here is a summary:

  • Sell Items At “Fixed Price” on eBay 95%+ of the time
    Basically, list items for Buy-It-Now because eBay gives you the option to essentially list items for free now, and only get charged fees when the items sells. Additionally, do not list “or best offer” – because if you give the customer the impression that you will take less, they won’t pay full price.
  • The “I’ve got $20 in PayPal – send me offers” threads on Forums are an effective way to acquire cards at an affordable price. Sometimes people need cash today, so they give up more than what the cards are worth sold individually. Just know how to spot a good deal, and never post up money you don’t have.
  • Lots of work! Be prepared to work just as hard (probably harder) than the job you currently have now. It is more rewarding (and often easier) to work long hours when you can do it from home – so the hard work is not often as bad. However, you won’t be getting a salary or benefits … so you have to work diligently and quickly become an expert in buying.

Another fan of the show contacted me and wanted to know how you “know your product” or in other words … be educated about Sports Cards and what you are selling. I think if you are trying to sell new product, you’ll want to keep tabs on release dates and what kind of products might “pop” similar to 2011 Topps Chrome Football, and even the recently released 2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball. You don’t necessarily have to open lots of product to know, going to YouTube and watching box breaks is often a good way for you to learn what’s inside of a typical box. If you own a hobby store – you’ll learn a lot just by watching customers open product, so you really don’t have to open any of it yourself.

Two different football stats came out this week, 2012 Topps Platinum Football and 2012 Panini Momentum Football. I compare and contrast both sets on the show, even though they are quite different. I think that it’s interesting that Topps Platinum has on card autographs while Panini momentum has hardly any and it’s quite a bit more expensive. However, your chances of getting a top player and even legendary players is (more than likely) far greater in Momentum. I found some packs of Topps Platinum Football at Target the other day, I even pulled an autographed rookie card which seem to fall about 1:35 packs. I do believe the Robert Griffin III and Andrew luck rookie cards are going to be much more rare than the other cards in the set. I would not be able to afford a box of Momentum on my own, however I think if you can find a hobby shop that will sell you a box for $20 it would be very useful. I often go to target and pay $20 or more for a blaster box and I would gladly pay $20-$25 for a pack of Momentum.

The final set that we talk about is Topps Heritage Minor Leagues Baseball. This set plays off the Topps Heritage brand but with all minor-league baseball players. This set is perfect for anyone with a minor league baseball team in town because these cards are perfect to get autographs. Not only that, some of these players don’t have many cards made before they make the major leagues. All the autographed content seems to be sticker autographs however it might be fun set to collect. There are some color/photo variations that are very similar to the ones found in 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball.

On the next show we’ll talk about 2012-13 Panini Prestige Basketball and 2012 Panini Americana Legends & Heroes too.

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