Show #140 Panini’s $1,500 Set + NFL Stuff

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Wal-Mart cuts orders going into the holiday season. Lol. Short that company if you have the money.

$1,500 Panini set. Yawn. Has diamonds in it.

Grading Cards

Getting autographs in person

– Local signings
– Stalk them in big cities.
– Get them in the minor leagues or College

Getting the most from your dollar:

– Stay away from unopened boxes. You’ll spend a bunch of money and not have the cards you were hoping for. If you like opening boxes … Pick only a few sets per year that you actually like, and just open more of it.

– Trade. A collector might value a player or set differently than you do.

– Only buy guys after they are in their second or third year. Rookies come and go. RGIII was amazing last year, now not so much. Most careers flatten out. Even Tom Brady cards go down a little when they aren’t winning Super Bowls.

– Card Shows. Cash is king.

– Put up an I’m buying ad. Craigslist, I’ve even seen classified ads in newspapers. Almost everyone has some card in their closet and they usually have no idea what they are worth.

– Only buy in the off season. Got an AJ Green Contenders auto rookie for $35 3 months before the season. He has two touchdowns week one and they are $60.00

– Sell during the season. If you bought stocks and never sold them …. The people in your will sure will be happy. Get paid every once in a while. Sell cards you don’t need or want.

– Dont buy wax that’s overpriced. These guys who sell this stuff aren’t driving new SL 500’s … and more boxes of cards arrive at their warehouse daily. They’ll discount stuff that doesn’t sell.


NFL Rookies

Gio got off for 2 touchdowns on Sunday Night Football.

Johnathan Franklin got touches for Green Bay. He’s better than Eddie Lacy.

La’von bell looked great, but the Steelers are struggling.

Geno Smith looks like a 2nd round QB with very little upside.

E.J. Manuel has been pretty good but he’s not very accurate.

Matt Barkley = Clipboard

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