Show #141 The Rookies Suck So We Talk About Card Shops & Business

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Panini’s Damian Lillard 12/13 Wrapper Redemption rookies.

Via Leaf’s “maneuver” to re-license his signatures.

Michael Carter Williams

Flawless – nice cards, but no Jordan, no LeBron and Kobe’s being soft right now means it’s just another set that happens to cost more.

Authorized Group Breaking applications being taken in by Panini.

Breakers.tv – same guy that had vaughnlive but is pushing the group breakers to this “new” site. My guess is that the breakers were chewing up his bandwidth. This is essentially the 3rd time since March 2013 that breakers have been forced to switch “free” streaming sites.

– Diversify your revenue stream even if it means making less money for a while. This is a very important lesson for people selling cards because there are so many hot/cold parts of the year.

Starting a sports card store is a bad idea. Opening just about any retail store is a bad idea.

Don’t be scared to “pivot” your business, like Netflix did several years ago.

If you can’t stay in business this year (because of the weak basketball and football rookie classes) you won’t be able to benefit from next years potential gold mine NBA and NFL rookie classes.

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