Show #16 What To Collect? + Joe Montana

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Show #16 of The Sports Card Show Podcast is dedicated to the Man Himself: Joe Montana.

Should you collect Vintage Cards? Current Cards? Or Both?
Its a great question and we touch on the topic a bit today. A good strategy would be to do a mix of both and possibly go after some of the lower dollar HOF’s that are out their in any sport. Current cards are Hot for a while and usually dip off as time goes on no matter how the player does (there rare exceptions) HOF players tend to be more stable and don’t go up or down as much as current players so you can protect your investment.

Joe Montana: We cover some UDA and Autograph Prices plus his 1981 Topps Rookie

We run down some of my most “Collectible” Sports Cards that should see a value increase as time goes on. Plus some of this weeks Sports Card Box Releases.

SP Authentic Baseball 10/14/2008 $95.00 Per Box
24 Packs – 5 cards Per Pack
42 RC Autographs – 60 Auto/Jersey RC Cards

Donruss Gridiron Gear Football 10/15/2008 $90.00 Per Box
18 Packs – 5 Cards Per Pack
Each Box Includes: 2 Rookies #999 or Less – 3 Memorabilia and/or Autographs – Tons of Parallels

Hot Prospects Basketball 10/22/2008 $95.00 Per Tin
18 Packs – 5 Cards Per Pack –
Each Box Contains: 2 Jerseys or Autographs – 1 Patch Rookie –
Michael Jordan Autographs Possible

Future Super NBA Players
Rodney StuckeyAaron AflaloCharlie Villanueva

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