Show #17 Spillin The Beans

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Today’s Show Is all about the Business of Sports Cards.

If you ever wanted to open your own Sports Card Shop online or at a retail store you will want to listen to this episode!!The Sports Card Business is an easy one to get into and a tough one to make money in. Competition is fierce and always changing. There are 2 Major Online Retailers that sell things on razor thin margins and its tough to make a living unless you are flowing large volumes (Cases)

That being said there is money to be made! You have to be creative and you have to be driven.
Hopefully today’s show will help you out a bit!

Tips include: Hobby Wholesalers, Store Ideas, Website Recommendations, and More!

Send us an e-mail if you need any other help or just want to get involved: sportscardshow@gmail.com

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**I make a mistake in the intro…I say this is “Show #18 instead of #17”
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