Show #202 Time To Move Back Home With Mom – COMC Raised Fees

Today’s show highlights COMC’s recent fee changes. Some fees went up, some actually went down. It demonstraits a shift in the market COMC is trying to go after.

The company has a massive moat around their ‘low-end’ card business – it’s unlikely any challenger will emerge to take that business away from them. So in order to capture the market COMC has less of (higher-end cards) the company has adjusted fees to encourage/discourage certain cards from being sent in.

We discuss if the alternatives are better, or if paying the extra 20% to list a card is worth it.

We discuss why liberal politicians in Washington state might be to blame.

I discuss why anyone with any investment savvy would salivate over COMC’s business model – but scoff at UD/Topps/Panini/Leaf’s business.

I give an Amazon FBA update.

I update my $100 COMC card sales.

I try to encourage all these guys living at home with mom to get some new skills and earn more money.

I’m doubtful many are capable of pulling that off – but I tried.

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808 In Da House - July 3, 2017

This episode was epic. Informative and hilarious.

I listened to it twice, that bit about epack at the end is classic.

Thank God Topps and Panini don’t have epack

I don’t even like hockey or Euroleague basketball and I buy a pack a day.

I agree, selling on eBay is a beeotch when you add up all the time and effort involved.


    SportsCardRadio - July 4, 2017

    Thank you so much for listening, really glad you enjoyed it! MAGA
    – Colin

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