Show #206 Beckett & Leaf Spread #FakeNews About NBA Superstar

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On today’s show we have a very special guest – Ryan from @SportsCardNews. When he comes on the show outside his annual appearance during the National Sports Collectors Convention … you know something BIG has happened. Something so stupid and preposterous, that we have to bring him on the show to discuss it.

Recently NBA superstar and rapper Damian Lillard was on Twitter proclaiming an autograph a seller was offering was indeed fake. (Tweet 1 | Tweet 2) Lillard commented on the social media platform twitter via his account with over 1 million followers that the autograph in question was fake TWICE. It’s rare to have an athlete respond to fans, let alone about an autograph being real or fake. Lillard did this TWICE in one day regarding the same item.

Then Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) and Leaf Trading cards had the audacity to claim Lillard was wrong about his own signature. Beckett even asked Lillard via the social media platform to take A THIRD LOOK at the item! The following day, both Beckett AND Leaf spread the #FakeNews that Lillard had deleted the two tweets where he claimed the autos were fake. In fact Lillard DID NOT delete the tweets – it was the seller of the (fake) autograph (Joel Alpert) who deleted his tweet with a link to the item!

On today’s show – consider this a declaration of war against the ignorant and arrogant card manufactures and “authenticators” that think they know a signature better than the man himself. This podcast serves as the initial shot across the bow against their LIES & DECEPTION! We are SICK AND TIRED of these companies thinking they can spread false claims across this hobby. We feel this does the hobby harm.

Get ready for an explicit laced show where we BLAST Beckett, Leaf, Joel Alpert and more.

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  • Thanks for the Public Service guys. A great bunch of delusional/lying/greedy people in the hobby we got.

    Of course Beckett’s gonna go down with the ship because without their credibility, their authentication is worthless.

    So if the primary way Beckett authenticates autographs is by comparing a signature to a bunch of sample autographs, then how hard is it to believe that a Forger can take those same samples and practice that autograph until they have it down good enough to where not even an authenticator could tell the difference?

    There are so many crooks in the hobby, we’ll have to start dusting the items for fingerprints just to make sure the athlete actually touched the thing.

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