Show #237 PWCC Kicked Off eBay For Shill Bidding!!! Will PWCC Go Down For GOOD???

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Today we discuss the events surrounding PWCC auction house. Today eBay contacted users to inform them that PWCC is guilty of shill bidding and the company cancelled 50,000+ listings. PWCC was the highest grossing seller of trading cards on eBay – and eBay cancelled them like a bad habit. We speculate on the show why this decision came down so abruptly and if your cards are safe at PWCC now.

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  • Thank you for doing what you guys do. I recently got back into the hobby and like a moron, did not do great job on my homework. Sent PWCC my graded collection and submitted to their August auction. Big mistake! Can’t thank you enough for what you guys do to help this hobby.

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