Show #70 Panini Not Packing Out + 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball Preview

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We have news, controversy, and information all packed into one podcast today!

A Collector on the Hobby Kings Forum posted pictures of cards he has described as replacements for redemption and damaged cards he sent to Panini America. In return he gets the Case/Product Hit from 2010 Panini Certified Football, a #1/1 Sam Bradford Auto/Jsy RC worth potentially thousands of dollars. He also received several other nice cards, including a #1/1 Derrick Rose and Tom Brady #5/5. These cards (especially the Sam Bradford) bring up lots of questions on why these cards weren’t originally inserted in packs … and how many other #1/1 Product Hits does Panini still have hanging around in the office?? At the time of recording, no ‘official’ statement had been made from Panini, and collectors are waiting to hear what the explanation on this goof will be.

I decided to start spending a little more money on cards each month ($20 to be exact). On today’s podcast I tell you about a bidding strategy that worked for me (and has worked for me since recording the show as well). I will be monitoring what I buy closely, and I’ll be challenging my brother from Sports Card Report to see who can have the highest card portfolio value at the end of 1 year. Keep track of our Sports Card Bankroll Bet Challenge Here.

We preview 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball, which now has a wrapper redemption added for Hobby and Jumbo boxes only. There will be a chance at getting real diamonds in this stuff, these cards are 1/1 but with 330 total versions (1 for each base card) there is a chance! Collectors now don’t have to wait long as the release date was moved up to February 2, 2011. We will have to wait to find out all the SP and variation cards, as nothing too concrete has come out, other than the standard inserts.

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