January 2011 Sports Card Radio E-Mail Questions

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January 2011 E-Mail Questions

Question: Hello, I have a Derek Jeter autograph card from Four Sport 1992 Draft Pick Classic. I would like to know how much it is today on the market. Its in mint shape.

Answer: The Jeter card you have is serial numbered /1125 on the front. A BGS graded 9.5 sold and the bidding got to $407.00. Because your card is un-graded I would say it’s worth anywhere from $150-350.

Question: Hey guys i was wandering what you thought of World Class Grading as a company?

Answer: Can’t say that I heard of World Class Grading. There are many smaller services out there – the ones that are the most trusted in the industry, for better or worse, are PSA and BGS. Often times BGS and PSA are the way to go when grading because that is what the “buyer” trusts the most.

If you are looking to just hold onto your cards and not re-sell them – then I would by all means look into smaller grading operations because at the very least you are getting a nice holder for your card. Their pricing is in line with the other card graders on the market but – I’d probably wait or go with PSA or BGS until they establish themselves in the business if you are looking to re-sell cards that you grade.

Question: How do i find upcoming card shows in my area – California?

Answer: I have been trying to update our 2011 Baseball Card Show Schedule on a daily/weekly basis. I am always keeping an eye out for big and small shows to add to the page. Keep checking back and I’ll do my best to find them!

Question: I have a question about the Bucks list of players from 2009-10 Panini Adrenalyn in the game book. They have Salim Stoudamire listed but I have not been able to find his card.  The set of 300 base cards that I have includes Charlie Bell but he is not listed in the base set in the game book.  Can you tell me the correct player for the Bucks complete set?  Thanks!!!

Answer: Here is the complete list of Bucks players in the 09-10 Adrenalyn Game:

  • Andrew Bogut – Base
  • Andrew Bogut – Special
  • Brandon Jennings – Base
  • Charlie Bell – Base
  • Ersan Iilyasova – Base
  • Hakim Warrick – Base
  • Hakim Warrick – Extra
  • Joe Alexander – Base
  • Kurt Thomas – Base
  • Luc Mbah a Moute – Base
  • Luke Ridnour – Base
  • Luke Ridnour – Special
  • Michael Redd – Base
  • Michael Redd – Extra Signature
  • Michael Redd – Ultimate


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