Sports Card Gossip: Breakers Gone Wild

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News of Tik Tok banning sports card breaking could have been a pump fake. This tweet seems to imply China, I mean, the social media app will allow breaking after a light background check.

Breaker Gold Graysen received blowback after a customer complained they never received their cards.

The breaker acknowledge the mistake but got roasted across social media.

The card was later found and returned to the customer. Should breakers be held to 100% success rates?

A current Topps employee is being accused of scamming members of the hobby. It may remain a rumor unless we get more solid information.

A friend of mine bought a Jerry Rice rookie card on COMC, sent it in to be graded through their new service with CSG and the card came back altered.

COMC refunded the purchase price of the card and the cost of grading.

This could happen a lot!

It’s been hard to deposit and withdraw currently on the selling platform Alt.

Doubt a third party payment processor would be down for over a week. Did the investment money run out over at Alt?

Everyone that says we shouldn’t be using Goldin and the PSA Vault can suck our PPP.

We will be set up for three days at The Sacramento Sports Card & Autograph Expo, May 19-21, 2023.

Be sure to put it on your calendar and bring a nine figure bank roll.

Brian Gray of Leaf has taken his talents to WhatNot but some group breakers are quietly upset he’s selling product directly to customers and worry of a potential conflict of interest.

An OJ Simpson card with an ominous inscription is actually fake.

A collector sent us a picture of Trevor Lawrence rookie card #/5 in a binder page. He said he pulled it from a blaster box!

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