Sports Card Radio 5 Random Retail Packs = FREE CARDS!!

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Packs We Busted:

2010 Sage Football High Series

2009 UD NFL Draft Football

09/10 Prestige Basketball

09/10 Rookies & Stars Basketball

2008 UD X Baseball

It looks like the .99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree and other similar stores have a deal where they get packs of cards that didn’t sell at retail. Its actually a pretty good deal as most of these packs were $2.99 or more when they were new on the market. Sports Card Radio will be purchasing packs/blasters like this on a regular basis – so be sure to check back soon for more contest. As for this one – watch the video above – then make a post in the forum thread linked below to claim a card.

CLAIM YOUR CARDS HERE – 5 Random Retail Packs = FREE CARDS!!
(Be sure to check the thread for cards already claimed by other members)


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