2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor BGS 9.5 Sold For $25K

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2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Stephen Strasburg 1/1
Graded BGS 9.5
Sold For: $25,000.00
Bids: 75
Item Page Views: 35,529
Auction Dates: June 22 – June 29
eBay Seller: taxdaddy

Please Note: The deal for this card fell through and it was sold to Razor Collectibles for $21,403.00

In May, Robert Power shook up the baseball card world when he purchased the 2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor 1/1 for $16,403.00. Strasburg at the time had not pitched in an MLB game but was blowing away batters in the Nationals minor league system. Power had not collected cards for many years but was intrigued by Strasburg and the card itself. After he purchased the card on eBay it became national news, even landing Power an ESPN interview on their morning show First Take.  By late June, the Strasburg hype was at fever pitch after 3 successful big league starts. Power then decided to re-sell the card on eBay – while it was at Beckett’s Grading headquarters waiting to be graded.

Bidding for the card quickly exceeded the $16K Power had paid for the card in May. Before the grade of 9.5 had come back from Beckett, the price was at $22,422.00. There are some who will question the 9.5 grade given to the Strasburg Superfractor because the card is very clearly off-center horizontally. Regardless, exactly one month after Power purchased the card for $16,403.00, he sold it for $25,000.00.

2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Front2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Back

2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor BGS 9.52010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor BGS 9.5 Back

Please Note: This is the actual item description for the card when Robert Power, eBay seller taxdaddy, sold the card in June. Ebay will eventually delete this information so I thought it would be fun to have it 🙂

2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Stephen Strasburg 1/1
eBay Seller: taxdaddy
Auction Dates: June 22 – June 29

Original Item Description:

This auction is for the one and only 2010 BOWMAN CHROME SUPERFRACTOR STEPHEN STRASBURG 1 of 1!

Own the card that has set the collecting industry and baseball world on fire for the past month.

* This is the card that all other cards have been compared to since it originally hit ebay in late May 2010.  It is truly the Holy Grail of baseball cards.
* The current 2010 Bowman Red Auto auction compares the cards but the Superfractor (this card) is known to be the most highly desirable card of all Bowman cards.
* This is the only SUPERFRACTOR card for Stephen Strasburg.  One online article described the Superfractor as follows: “It is the pinnacle of all chrome/prospect based products.”
* This card is currently being graded by Beckett Grading Services, pictures available upon request.
* Beckett magazine has done an exclusive interview on this card, and is planning to have an article in the upcoming July 2010 magazine.  Beckett has also done a follow-up article.
* This card has been highlighted on ESPN’s Page 2 in the article – http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?id=5290998.
* This card was the subject of an actual ESPN interview – http://blogbeckett.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/strasburg-superfractor-buyer-talks-about-card-on-espns-first-take/.

When this card was originally purchased, Stephen Strasburg had NOT thrown a pitch in the Major Leagues.  Now after only 3 starts, he has become a legend in the making.  After his first start, the Baseball Hall of Fame asked for some of the items used during the game when he struck out 14 batters in only 7 innings.  His stats over his first 3 starts:  19 1/3 innings, 32 Strikeouts (MLB Record), only 10 hits, and 4 earned runs, and a 2-0 record.  It is highly anticipated that he will pitch in the All-Star game.  I could give you all his stats and amazing baseball career accomplishments, but here is a link for you to read about him – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Strasburg.  Stephen Strasburg is the pitcher that has been compared to many of the all-time greats, Nolan Ryan, Walter Johnson (by Bob Costas), Randy Johnson, Sandy Koufax, etc…..

The original auction had over 140,000 viewers, and over 10,000 ebay users “watching” the auction.  This is the card that everyone wants!

This card has become legendary, all the above articles and interviews are just the highlights of this card.  There are literally hundreds of links online talking about this card, including the one on the Washington Nationals home page.  Many other requests for articles and interviews have been turned down.  This card is perfect for promoting your business and/or simply being the centerpiece of your collection.  Not to mention the fact that Stephen Strasburg is exceeding all the high expectations put on him as the future of Major League Baseball.

Due to the potentially high profile of this auction, only serious bidders will be considered.  No international bidders or bidders with less than 10 feedbacks.  Bidders with less than 30 day history with ebay, must contact the seller before bidding.  Any bidders not meeting the above criteria will be cancelled.  Payment required within 24 hours of auction end.  PAYPAL is the only method of payment accepted.  Shipping will only be sent to a confirmed address, with adult signature required.  Shipping will be free with insurance provided at the purchase price – approx $100 value.

If you have any questions regarding this card or the auction, please contact me and I will respond within a few hours.

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Questions & Answers from the Auction Page:

Q:      Saw the video and very nice story…Your wife is a keeper is all I have to say… Enjoy the card and I hope you get at least a 9.5 or more grade…. Gabriel     Jun-23-10
A:      Thank you – 9.5 was the official rating…… Rob

Q:      Hello, will you be posting pictures of the card when you get it back from Beckett? A 9.5 grade makes this the Holy Grail of sportscards! You made a great investment, thanks for your time.     Jun-23-10
A:      I do plan on posting pictures once I receive the graded card back from Beckett. Alternatively, I could email you some pictures directly! Beckett.com is supposed to have a pretty interesting article on the grading of the card, along with a video. This might help too. Thanks for the question. Rob

Q:      Amazing card and grade. May I ask what the subgrades were     Jun-22-10
A:      I don’t know as of right now – I simply received an email stating 9.5 overall – I will post the subgrades once I get that info, I just requested it. I will have the card returned by Thursday. Thanks – Rob

Q:      What grade did it recieve?     Jun-22-10
A:      9.5!!!!!!!! Beckett just sent me an email. That is a great rating! Thank you for asking.

Q:      Do you know when the card will be done being graded? Will you update the auction listing letting everyone know what it graded out to be? Thanks for your time     Jun-22-10
A:      I just received an email from Beckett – the card has been graded at 9.5 – which I am very happy about, since BGS has a strong reputation of being a strict grading service (as they should be). They will he shipping the card back to me tomorrow, and I will have it Thursday. Yes, I will update the auction. Thanks. Rob

Q:      Hi ebayer, just wondering that superfractor already sold on ebay for $16,403.00 1 of 1. I though there is only 1 superfactor, is this card any diffence from the other superfractor? plmk thanks, 3018ball George     Jun-22-10
A:      I was the original purchaser at $16,403 – you can check my feedback to verify. This is the same card, only that Beckett is currently rating it. Plus I bought the card when Strasburg was still a mystery – now he has the 3 starts and has proven himself, so the price has gone up. You can click on the links to see the article and interview by ESPN on the card. Rob

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