Top 10 Hottest Basketball Cards April 2010

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April 2010

1 – Russell Westbrook Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (8)

Nobody has seen a pop in their card values like Westbrook who has taken full advantage of the big stage during the NBA Playoffs. The bad news is that he is lighting up Derek Fisher, who as a Lakers fan myself, know full well that I could strap it up and score 20 on Fish. Sad but true.

In game 5 during the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. L.A. Lakers series Kobe Bryant kept Russell Westbrook in check.  I mentioned last month how I hadn’t seen Westbrook play much, now I have seen him for 5 games straight, and he has some good and bad to his game.

Very athletic, quick, and deceptively strong. Poor outside shooter, and commits way too many turnovers. I personally don’t think he will be as good a player as the two rookie PG’s from the 09/10 class – Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry. But that’s just me. Westbrook has a lot to work on to be an elite PG in the NBA. It’s one thing to light up Derek Fisher, I want to see him be more consistent.

Russell Westbrook SPX Rookie Auto

2 – Kevin Durant Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (1)

The Oklahoma City Thunder bandwagon got real full real quick!  Fans were coming out of the wood work to claim allegiance to the Thunder, and specifically Durant and Westbrook.

Durant has had an up and down series versus the Lakers, in large part because Ron Artest is one of the better 1 on 1 defenders in the league. Collectors love Durant, even if he does take a few too many bad shots… 🙂

I expect the Durant and Westbrook love to cool if they eventually lose to the Lakers in the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs. Look to pick up some rookie cards during the off-season when they get bounced and the bandwagon clears out.

2007/09 Kevin Durant Rookie Patch Auto

3 – High End Michael Jordan Cards~ Last Month (2)

Michael Jordan high end basketball cards still DOMINATE the eBay most watched basketball card lists. His cards are seemingly always at the top of the list, no matter how many points Russell Westbrook has dropped on Derek Fisher.

Collectors love his Upper Deck Exquisite dual cards with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. With Upper Deck on the ropes financially, it will be interesting to see what happens to their autograph deal with Jordan. You know another company, possibly Panini, would LOVE to get some Jordan autograph and game used cards into their products.

Michael Jordan Exquisite Patch Autograph

4 – High End LeBron James Cards ~ Last Month (3)

LeBron is trying to steam roll his way to the NBA Finals. Collectors are betting the Cavs can win because sales of his high end rookie cards, like his UD 03/04 Exquisite, have been red hot.

What looms for collectors and LeBron is his decision on free agency this summer. Will he stay in Cleveland? Or bolt to New York, Charlotte, or GASP! take the MLE to come play with the Lakers?!?!?!?!

As mentioned in the Jordan write-up, with Upper Deck’s future up in the air, will they part ways with James?  While I wonder if Panini would want Jordan, I KNOW they would like to get a shot of LeBron and at the very least pay some big bucks to get him to sign some cards.

LeBron James Exquisite Limited Logos Patch Auto

5 – Deron Williams 2005/06 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

This is what happens when you play well in the playoffs. It gets you back in the hearts and minds of collectors. Deron Williams rookie cards have been all over the eBay most watched basketball cards lists. Specifically collectors are trying to get a 05/06 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Auto /99.

I’ve always like Deron Williams, and if he ever gets some help in Utah, or bolts to a new city, this guy will one day be a winner.

Deron Williams Utah Jazz Autograph

6 – Derrick Rose Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Basketball collectors love their point guards!  Even though the Bulls got bounced out of the 09/10 NBA Playoffs by LeBron and the Cleveland Cavs, fans of Derrick Rose have pushed the value of his 2008/09 rookie cards higher.

Look for Rose to be one and done on the hot list, but if the Bulls can get a few more skilled players around him, perhaps they will make a deeper playoff run to fuel Derrick Rose rookie card prices higher.

Derrick Rose Greats Of The Game Autograph

7 – Tyreke Evans 2009/10 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (4)

Tyreke just won the NBA Rookie of the Year, but slipped a few places on the hot list because the Sacramento Kings did not make the playoffs. This is a guy I like. I see him being a better player, then all the point guards ahead of him on this months basketball card hot list: Westbrook, Williams, and Rose.

Keep an eye on the prices for Evans autograph rookie cards, which have come down from their early season hype. Look to pick up a card or two after the 2010 NBA Draft when basketball collectors are distracted by a new wave of rookies. Then just hope the Kings can find a way to win, because that will set Tyreke’s rookie cards back on fire.

2009/10 Panini Limited Tyreke Evans Patch Auto Rookie RC

8 – Stephen Curry 2009/10 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (5)

The KNBR radio guys in the Bay Area love this guy! They were all so mad that Tyreke Evans beat him out for the 09/10 NBA Rookie of the Year. Curry kind of came on later in the season which hurt his chances, but his talent is unquestioned at this point.

The problem Tyreke and Stephen have is that they are on bad basketball teams. That will have to improve for Tyreke and Curry to ever have long lasting success in the hobby.

2009/10 Panini Limited Stephen Curry Patch Auto Rookie RC

9 – Brandon Jennings 2009/10 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (10)

I mentioned last month how I didn’t think that Jennings would be back on the hot list – shows you how much I know about the Eastern Conference.  I had a chance to watch the Bucks beat the Hawks in game 5 of their 1st round series and liked what I saw out of Jennings.

He has a lot to work on, much like Westbrook, but the skills are there to be a great NBA point guard.  Jennings performance in the playoffs might push him past Evans and Curry in the May Basketball Hot List Edition.

2009/10 Panini Playoff Contenders Brandon Jennings Auto RC

10 – 2009/10 Panini Adrenalyn Codes ~ Last Month (NR)

What? You didn’t know how popular this game has become?  I get LOT’s of requests for codes and Adrenalyn information. So here you go:

2009/10 Panini Adrenalyn XL Basketball Checklist

Also be sure to check out: Panini Basketball Blog – for updates on cards, as well as free Panini Adrenalyn Codes!

2009/10 Panini Adrenalyn Andres Nocioni

Dropped Out:

Top 10 Hottest Basketball Cards March 2010

  • Kobe Bryant Panini Autographs ~ Last Month (6)
  • 1980/81 Topps Larry Bird/Julius Erving/Magic Johnson ~ Last Month (7)
  • Carmelo Anthony 2003/04 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (9)

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