Top 10 Hottest Basketball Cards July 2010

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Basketball Cards On eBay
July 2010

1 – Michael Jordan High End Cards ~ Last Month (2)

How is it possible that with Kobe Bryant fresh off a NBA title, Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all team up in Miami, and Michael Jordan cards are still the most watched cards on eBay? Collectors still can’t get enough of the greatest player to ever play the game, even though it’s been years since he has touched a basketball.

Upper Deck has produced some incredible high end Jordan cards over the years, and many of them were for sale in the month of July. In addition many graded rookie cards from 1986/87 Fleer and 1984/85 Star also hit eBay and those that had grades of 9 or 10 hit four figure prices.

2003/04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Michael Jordan Auto

2 – Kobe Bryant Autographs – Memorabilia Cards ~ Last Month (1)

LeBron James had a good quote when he went to China with Kobe Bryant for the 2008 Bejing Olympics. “I thought I was famous until I got here with Kobe.”  Kobe has his fair share of haters, but sometimes they are blinded by just how many fans he truly has around the world. It doesn’t hurt that he plays for the most popular franchise and he is fresh off back 2 back championships.

Jordan will probably always be considered the greatest player off all time, but Kobe is gaining slowly in that regard. The Lakers are primed for another shot at a title in 2010/11 and you know Kobe wants to match Jordan with 6 NBA championships. July was a great month for sellers of high end Bryant cards, as prices were as high as they have been in quite some time.

2009/10 Panini Kobe Bryant Autograph

3 – Kevin Durant Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (4)

None of the South Beach Dream Team could crack the top 3 because Durant saw more movement to the upside in the price of his rookie cards and autographs. The Oklahoma City Thunder are expected to compete for a top 5 playoff spot in the Western Conference this season and many believe they may be the second best team behind the Lakers. This puts the pressure square on Durant’s thin shoulders, but the way this kid plays the game, he’ll probably be alright.

One of the most popular basketball cards on eBay during the month of July was this 2007/08 Upper Deck Black Autograph RC serial numbered 2/99.

Watchers: 99
Final Price: $373.99
Auction Ended: July 25

4 – LeBron James High End Cards ~ Last Month (6)

The free agency saga of 2010 ended when James, Bosh and Wade all decided to team up and play for the Miami Heat. While it was a great day for Heat fans, it was equally demoralizing for Cavs fans to see their star player bolt town. The manner in which James left also put a bad taste in fans mouth, and he has taken a P.R. beating for much of the month.

This is one of the first times in LeBron’s career that he has taken a great deal of ‘heat’ and many are questioning his character and judgment. Prices for his rookie and high end cards stayed flat, but that could be due to the fact that the market got flooded with cards right after he made his decision. It appears that LeBron will have to win, and win a lot, to gain back the credibility amongst fans (ie: see Kobe Bryant).

2003/04 UD Exquisite LeBron James Autograph Auto

5 – Chris Bosh Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Bosh almost got himself into the top 3 this month, but his cards were only red hot for about a week in July.  Two of his 2003/04 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Auto RC cards were the #1 and #2 most watched basketball cards the week after he signed with the Heat.

Prices have cooled off a little bit, but if him, Wade, and James can play well together look for Bosh to maybe have some staying power on the hot list.

2003-04 UD Exquisite Chris Bosh Auto Rookie Patch 95/99
Watchers: 122
Auction Ended: July 17th
Final Price: $1,130.57

6 – Dwyane Wade Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Is it possible that Dwyane Wade could win GM of the year? He was able to text and T-Mobile Fab 5 his way into getting LeBron and Bosh to team up with him in Miami. How it all plays out on the court remains to be seen. Will James and Wade ever clash because they are not touching the ball enough? We’ve seen it happen in the past with other star players, so we’ll see if everything remains cozy in South Beach.

Movement on Wade’s cards were somewhat slow as July wore on, which is somewhat surprising. Out of the three, he saw the least amount of activity in respect to his rookie card auctions, and perhaps that is due to the fact that he stayed on the same team while LeBron and Bosh both have a new legion of fans who are now collectors.

Fleer Patchworks Dwyane Wade

7 – Chris Paul Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Paul is good buddies with LeBron and a short time after King James made his decision, Chris Paul requested a trade. Specifically he wanted to play for the Magic, Knicks, Lakers or Mavs. After meeting with ownership and new GM Dell Demps, Paul decided he was good to go and wanted to remain a Hornet.

The trade demands got his name into the news and collectors started to pick up a few of his cards with the hopes he would end up in New York, Orlando, or the dream scenario, L.A.

Press Pass Chris Paul Rookie RC

8 – Derrick Rose Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (8)

Derrick Rose has been lingering around the bottom of the Basketball Hot Lists for a couple months now. The idea of him teaming up with one of the top free agents on the market, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh didn’t end up happening but sales of Rose’s rookie cards have remained steady.

As I pointed out last month the thing that worries me about Rose is his jump shot is not the best.  It’s too bad he wasn’t able to get any of the South Beach crew to play in Chicago as that would have made the Bulls an elite team.

Derrick Rose Ultimate Futures Auto Game Used Patch

9 – Russell Westbrook Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (9)

Westbrook is also hanging around the bottom of the Basketball Hot List after peaking at #1 in April. Durant is getting most of the love right now, but Westbrook will be a huge key for the Thunder to make a run for the Western Conference.

Sales of Russell’s rookie cards have been flat, but some of his nicer ones have popped up on the most watched lists during the month of July. Once the season heats up and he gets more T.V. time then look for prices to go up.

Upper Deck Sp Authentic Russell Westbrook RC Autograph

10 – 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball ~ Last Month (10)

Collectors are really liking the high end cards that have come out of this set. The Laundry Tags and NBA Logoman cards have been a huge hit. Several of Kobe Bryant’s autograph/game used cards sold for $1,000++ on eBay during the Lakers Championship run.

With the 2009/10 Panini Basketball product line finishing up, it looks like Panini has a winner on their hands with Timeless Treasures. Basketball collectors have waited patiently for Panini to put out more sets with high end cards and they were rewarded for their wait with 09/10 Timeless Treasures.

2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Hall of Fame Quad

Dropped Out: June 2010


  • Rajon Rondo Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (3)
  • High End Kevin Garnett Cards ~ Last Month (5)
  • 1999 UD Retro Wilt Chamberlain Inkredible Autograph ~ Last Month (7)


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