Top 10 Most Popular Football Card Searches On Ebay – December 2009

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Top 10 Most Popular Football Card Searches On Ebay For December 2009
1. Auto – It’s always a good idea to search for a card using both search terms. Auto and Autograph.

2. 1/1 – Everybody wants one. Ebay is the best place to get them.

3. Adrian Peterson – Not having his best season, but is still the most dangerous running back in the NFL (Sorry Chris Johnson). Being teamed up with Brett Favre has given him a boost as well.

4. Autograph – See #1

5. Percy Harvin – 3 Vikings make the list. Peterson and Favre I can understand, but Harvin is only on this list because of the man throwing him the football. I would sell high on all Harvin RC’s. If Brett does indeed retire next season, Harvin will find it hard to put up big numbers.

6. Brett Favre – Love him or hate him, everyone is searching for his stuff on ebay.

7. Jersey – Jersey/Relic/Memorabilia cards, whatever you want to call them, have lost some luster over the years, but have become a staple of the hobby and are here to stay.

8. Peyton Manning – Another fine season for Peyton. He might be a name who stays on the hot list for years to come.

9. Exquisite – We have a bunch of coverage on the 2008 stuff. 2009 Exquisite will fly off the shelves in a few months.

10. Tom Brady – Much like Peterson, Brady is having a down year. The hobby love remains strong for the golden boy nonetheless.

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