Top 10 Most Popular Baseball Card Searches On Ebay – December 2009

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Top 10 Most Popular Baseball Card Searches On Ebay For December 2009
1. Auto – Is also the #1 Football Card search term.

2. Mickey Mantle – The love for Mantle runs deep. Even Yankee haters have a soft spot for the Mick. The Mantle family still has a deal with Topps, meaning more cards are sure to come.

3. Triple Threads – Topps now has exclusive rights for 2010 Baseball. Hopefully they won’t slack on products like Triple Threads and 2010 Allen & Ginter.

4. 2009 Triple Threads – See #3

5. Derek Jeter – Another Yankee legend. Only this guy is still playing. The ladies love him and all the guys want to be him.

6. 2009 Sweet Spot – I wonder what Upper Deck is planning for Sweet Spot Baseball. They could just scrap the set entirely. Or, they could keep the set going without showing guys in uniform and just using past players. I hope they continue the set because the sweet spot autographs are still some of the best cards on the market.

7. PSA – BGS gets the snub from Ebay members.

8. T206 – The 2009 version just came out. Check out our review page that also has a link to a checklist.

9. Bob Gibson PSA – A little surprised at this one. Goes to show that a lot of people get on ebay to find vintage cards.

10. 1970 – Interesting year to be on the list. Must be some set builders who are looking to fill out their collection.

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