Top 10 Most Popular Basketball Card Searches On Ebay – December 2009

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Top 10 Most Popular Basketball Card Searches On Ebay For December 2009
1. Exquisite – With Panini the exclusive makers of NBA trading cards, what will happen to Upper Deck Exquisite?

2. Auto – The #1 Baseball and Football search term takes a back seat to Exquisite Basketball.

3. 1/1 – Hit a Jordan 1/1 and you probably paid for your rent for the entire month.

4. Garnett – Back from his knee injury and back in the hearts and minds of collectors. 

5. Michael Jordan – Might be on the hot list for the next 100 years.

6. Jordan – See #5

7. Logoman – No, not a crazy search term for Jerry West cards.  These Logoman patch cards are the big hits in hobby boxes.

8. Kobe Auto – No golden boy Lebron on the list? Fans know who the best player in the game is and they flock to ebay to get his autograph.

9. Kobe Bryant – Take that Lebron.

10. Kobe Bryant – Much like Jordan, Kobe can also go by just one name.

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