Top 10 Most Popular Hockey Card Searches On Ebay – December 2009

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Top 10 Most Popular Hockey Card Searches On Ebay For December 2009
1. Cup – The Cup has become one of the most popular Hockey sets. No surprise this is #1

2. Auto – A staple in every trading card top 10 list.

3. Black – Upper Deck Black is a hot product.

4. 1/1 – See #2.

5. Lot – Hockey collectors are some of the most dedicated. The search term ‘lot’ only shows up in Hockey and none of the other sports.

6. The Cup – See #1

7. Ovechkin – No Crosby on the top 10 list this month. Alexander Ovechkin is a very popular man indeed.

8. Box – Nothing better then sitting by an open fire, and cracking open a fresh box of sports cards.

9. PSA – Graded Hockey sells very well on ebay.

10. Gretzky – Someone recently told me a great Wayne Gretzky quote “You can’t score if you don’t shoot.”  Some of the guys in the NBA apply this rule of thumb on a nightly basis.

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