Ultra Pro 3×4 Thick Top Loader Trading Card Holders

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Ultra Pro 3x4 Thick Top Loader Standard Card Size Holder

Ultra Pro Thick Top Loaders
3×4 – Thick 55 Pt. Card Size Holder

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Sometimes big jersey/patch cards will not fit into a standard Ultra Pro Top Loader – therefore you need something thicker to store your cards. That’s where the ‘thick’ top loader line that Ultra Pro carries will be your best bet if you like using these types of card holders. The thick top loaders are the same design as the standard ones, but are just wider so that big cards can fit easily into them.

Keep in mind that if your card is not thick enough, it might slide around in the top loader and that would not be a good thing. Be sure to have a snug, but not too tight fit, when storing your favorite cards. If you have cards that are even too thick for these top loaders, Ultra Pro does make a ‘Super Thick’ Card Holder that you can find out information on here.

PROS Up Arrow

  • Will keep big patch/jersey cards safe
  • Can find them as cheap as regular top loaders

CONS Down Arrow

  • Will have trouble holding REALLY thick cards
  • Cards that are not thick enough slide around

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