Wheeler Collection Brags of Sell Out

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The owner of Wheeler Collection (think Prospect Rush) has said his first release, “Legends and Treasures” is officially sold out. As one astute collector on Blowout Forums pointed out, it “only” took a year and a half to sell 84 cases.

I remember seeing the Wheeler Collection booth set up at the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention. He must have spent thousands on the set-up and accommodations. The patrons working the booth seemed to fawn over the founder of Wheeler Collection in an awkward way.

Some in the hobby have suggested the Wheeler Collection product exists as just a way to liquidate the owners personal collection.

Seems as though a few re-pack companies are popping up every year within the sports card community. Finding one that has had long term success is challenging. Between Prospect Rush, AP Boom Box, Super Break, Tri-City Sports, etc. has any of these guys become big ballers re-packing baseball cards? Probably not.

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