DnT Sports Cards: Group Break Scam

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Be careful who you break with! DnT Sports Collectibles owner Dustin Cabaniss Clay tried some sleight of hand during a recent 2016 Panini Honors Football break.

Collectors caught on quick and Clay was lit up across message boards, Twitter, and Facebook.

DnT Sports did admit to swapping out a card, but is he still lying? Most believe there was another card he stole and not the Ezekiel Elliott (EZE) autograph he claims. See if you can figure out for yourself!

His come to Jesus Facebook post.

DnT Sports did not have a website and broke cards via a private Facebook group that was deleted after drama broke out. One of his eBay accounts, dnt-sports-collectables, has sold break spots as recently as March 2017.

A dose of reality for Clay could of been when members of the Blowout Sports Cards forum posted his alleged wife’s picture online. Ouch! Even I’m not that messed up.

Brandin Cooks #/99!

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  • It has been verified that the card was the original Tom Brady rookie card. This now makes sense why he gave everything up to scam the people in his break.

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