Blowout Cards HACKED: Collectors Hit For $100K +

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Blowout Sports Cards has been hacked! First reported by Sports Collectors Daily in April, word of the attack is slowly trickling through the hobby.

-Blowout Cards on eBay-

Credit and debit card users from January - April 20, 2017 could have been impacted.

One collector got hit for $30,000 in fraudulent charges!

The response from Blowout has been weak at best. Some are reporting they have discovered fraudulent charges without getting notice from the company.

Blowout even banned an impacted customer from their forum after the user made numerous complaints about the lack of communication regarding the hack. Yikes.

Company owner Tom Fish was last spotted at the Topps 65th Anniversary Party with $50,000 worth of invites.

Tom Fish

The high profile attack of the Topps website should have put eCommerce stores in the sports card space on notice.

Clearly Blowout Cards dropped the ball and the nightmare stories from their customers are starting to pour in.

If you own an eCommerce website, including a group break site, get your website secured now or this could happen to you!

"Got hit with a $1,270 charge for a Hotel on booking.com"

Hacked Customer

Blowout Cards Forum

"I now have a $6,000 check to the IRS that just bounced. Thanks blowoutoutcards.com."

Hacked Customer

Blowout Cards Forum

"It seems Blowout is more concerned with sweeping this under the rug then doing right by their customers."

Hacked Customer

Blowout Cards Forum

"My card was hit for over $30,000, all purchases from AT&T.."

Hacked Customer

Blowout Cards Forum

5/16/2017 Update:

Blowout Cards sent this email to customers.

View Download PDF: Update to Previous Notice of Data Breach

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  • Thanks for reporting this issue this guy needs to give everyone there money back and the company should be cut off from all the manufacturers supplying them with product.

  • I was impacted by this. But you are making this out to be completely negligent and it certainly was not. I saw the notice on the top of their website.. in the forums.. and in the email that was sent out. I had to cancel a credit card, and surprisingly my life has gone on. Imagine that. Its a crappy situation, but I do not feel that blowout tried to hide from this in any way shape or form. They are not the first, nor the last company that will have this happen. Shit happens. That is the reality of the world.

    Even blowouts response to this was professional.. while your response to them was childlike.

    • Blowout has to be professional, they have your credit card information and need your money. I impacted your life enough to get you to click AND leave a comment. So I did my job as well. Perhaps you should stick to your own field….

      • Yes, very tough to get people to click on links and respond on the internet. Huge impact on people’s lives…

        • Again. You clicked AND left a comment. I did not click or comment on your site today. I’m doing my job. Professional has nothing to do with my job. It does however have everything to do with Blowout Sports Cards job.

          • you did your job very well. You brought out another part of the story. If it is fully true or not that is for me to decide or anyone reading it. I have read every thing you have said in your story and comments. I like your view on the story. It also does keep me safe because, it could have happened to me if I did go with them. I thank you for your view.

  • Good evening Ryan

    Appreciate your efforts to keep collectors informed. Perhaps you could have contacted us before publishing.

    More accurate information would have been appropriate and could have been provided.

    A full notice that was sent to customers potentially affected can be found here


    Forum thread (11 page to date) where collectors are welcome to post can be found here


    No one was banned for complaining bout “hack”.

    Please free to email me fish@blowoutcards.com

    I’m available to answer any questions you may have that I am able to and can answer.

    • Not accurate. A screen shot has been linked to in this thread with the collector who says his card was compromised via an Applebees restaurant charge and DID NOT receive notice from you.

      User naxcomseller has been banned as a result of the comments he made in said thread. A link to that has been added to this post.

      After promoting your site for free many times at the National, and receiving tens of thousands of views on just those videos alone, I have no choice but to react as quickly as possible. My reputation is on the line. I could honestly care less about you. I don’t want to be seen as promoting a website that for FOUR MONTHS didn’t notice what should have been an easy breach to catch. In light of what happened with Topps just a few months earlier there really isn’t a valid excuse.

      The wristbands you had at the Topps Party (I was there) would have paid for a decent web security outfit. Period.

    • what a liar – i saw the guy was banned and the only posts leading up to the ban was in the credit card complaints thread — furthermore Houdini and his little band of drama queens are the likely suspects imo

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