Worst Breaker Ever: Platinum Card Breaks?

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George Seus
a.k.a "G"
Pfafftown, NC

Count 1:
Ripped up Lauri Markkanen card on camera.
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Platinum Card Breaks, "G" got called out for putting a 1/1 Prizm Lauri Markkanen inside a one touch so the edges got mashed.

Triggered by online haters, G allegedly purchased the card for $600, only to then rip it up on Instagram Live for everyone to see.

Count 2:
Admitted to kidnapping with wife "Megs."
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In a bizarre video leaked to Sports Card Radio, G admits to a kidnapping with his wife Megs. 

Count 3:
Ripped up Michael Sam card
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Ripped up a card of Michael Sam, likely because he didn't like that he was openly gay. 

Count 4:
Allegedly stole a Justin Fields redemption card from a break.
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A video emerged that showed G pulling a "dip" move and taking a Justin Fields redemption card from National Treasures.

Count 5:
Kicked out of Panini VIP Party for "dogging" Michael Vick. 
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Platinum Card Breaks and their entire crew were kicked out of a Panini VIP Party after heckling NFL player Michael Vick.

Count 6:
Held box cutter to employees neck live on camera.
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In one of the most wild videos ever from the group break world, G holds a box cutter up to his employees neck and commits a full on assault.

Count 7:
Sale of Controlled Substance

Count 8:
Grand Larceny

This included an assault on a police officer with a gun.

Including count 6, G spent multiple years in prison.

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