Platinum Card Breaks Rips Up 1/1 Prizm Card!

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The 'Jersey Shore' of sports card breakers has lost his mind.

Platinum Card Breaks got called out for putting this 1/1 Prizm Lauri Markkanen inside a one touch so the edges get mashed.

Triggered by online haters, Platinum Card breaks allegedly purchased the card for $600. Only to then rip it up on Instagram Live for everyone to see.

Not immune to controversy, in September 2022 the owner of Platinum Cards Breaks held a box cutter up to his employees neck live on camera. Watch the video here

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  • These guys rip people off left and right – They don’t nearly sell breaks on products that are overpriced then list fillers on their channel to rich morons for more money – Bowman 15 left total PYT averages out to $138 a spot – they go on their channel and list a RT filler for $189. That’s an extra $750 for them! People are just stupid with their money.

    Yes I like how real these guys are and their stories but they need to appreciate the people who have helped them get to where they are Now. G needs to stop trying rip off people who hit a nice card too. I prefer other breakers and fortunately there’s a ton out there now.

  • What are you, 14? “DO you blow those guys too”… you’re a ***** child who runs and shitty site that supports chargeback bitches.. is this just your little safe place to come and cry like ****** when you aren’t treated how you like? Kid charged back using his girlfriend’s info and all of the sudden the business is the bad guy. You guys are morons. Only reason you talk shit here is cuz G scares you. Get some balls you frail little snowflake *********.

      • I’m almost 100% positive these guys have been repackaging! Sealed cases , until there is someone @ panini that can verify serial numbers , for said cards being pulled from these cases , stay the hell away from platinumcards , I have been messaged about what teams to pick once or twice , and then why I should sell my hit to them , for twice the amount of plats , once done which has happen many times , due to the fact from the instant I pay upfront , I takes over 2 months for said cards to arrive , which is another ploy , all in its self , so I think to my self isntant cash , oh no no. No o !! It has to be spent in the store on what ever they have available,
        Never have any plats gained in store ever paid off ,,,, so Christmas Eve !!! On you tube , i watch MINI ME “ a breaker that’s been on there for 6-7 years , just trying to get a lucky ticket , off his hard earned money , finally paid off ,, with a 289.00 buy in with 25 other people , there was 1 spot that got 5k , minimelife !!!! Won , mini me . was saying he felt bad winning and want to cash out , and donate / give all the people spot in a break , or offered 3500.00 plats to another people in the room 3000.00 USA dollars , well well well
        ,GERRRY SPRINGER I think his name “G”
        Got hot and bothered , I think just got plain old pussy, and the friction , was heating up , next day mini goes on to log in , cause he’s going to use the money on New Years ever 2020 , to buy his sone a gift for his 9th birthday , I think he was just going to take all teams in flawless baseball ,, flawless break and call it whatever.. something big he can bank on in the future ,, !!!but plats are all gone , !!!!when I went to check out 39850.00 After numerous emails and TEXTS yes TEXT ,ssss “ like that’s kinda important ? Did you site get hacked ? Still no response .I had to confront him on you tube , which he spent 5 mins showing screen shots of our convention of me saying thank thank you thank , u can’t believe I won .. and so on , don’t know what he was thinking then he goes on to say it cause of charge backs ? , I’ve been breaking there for 7 years ..
        Complete bullshit made up stories lies , saying I stole from him , ? Why would I bee in there ?? Blowing cash on a daily last weekly basis … BUT FLAT OUT SAID HE STOLE THE PLATS and have fun trying to get them back , and again he said minime made paypal charge backs “ which is absolutely false , but now , I wouldn’t how much of mini me s stuff he has kept over the years ,, soooo and minime is now banned for life, and the other weird thing is everybody in the room was not at all saying anything good , but really hurtful stuff to mini me , that was the really cringe ? , I guess that s one way to make a living ?? Since all these new customers , you forget about the people that got YOU here ..
        But I’m definitely looking into PayPal , now as Minimelife did buy into the break , He won the break , and never got the winnings ? So fully repacking product and then feeding these products out to the people that owns plats , which is supposed to 1-plat dollar – 1 value .. US dollar , like wow team pyt is posted , and almost every good team is gone instantly,, I’m really feed up with this and to think this last 7 years they have been Pretty much stealing his money , i heard he might ry to go back 2 years with a civil claim ,, so keep you’re plats , minimelife invoice adddds up HUGE . bEEWare .. & happy new year guys

  • 3 years in, never had an unpleasant experience with them. they do right by customers all the time. they bend over backwards to make sure smear pieces like this don’t show up…. and yet still do anyway. if you feel like you got scammed, bring it up in the chat or in email. everything is recorded on multiple cameras and uploaded to youtube. too many people don’t know what the hell they are doing. and yeh they get a lot of allocation, because they go through all of it. i’m no troll sent here to put positive spin on what happened, but if you admit you fuck up, pay the person 3x what the card was worth and then rip it up to prove no one is gonna get it, nor are they gonna try to keep it, what else can you do? ask any follow up questions, i’m an honest consumer here. i don’t solely break with them, they tend to have more high end stuff and i dont always have the money. but if you think they do bad business… I got an email from a Nigerian prince that needs help I need to forward to you.

  • Did my account have a charge back? ??? How many transactions did I have with no problems? Still none! I break with other honest breakers no problem them. I paid for a lot of breaks didn’t hit and you didn’t say anything then. You waited tell I hit to say your keeping all my cards. Fat boys got to eat at all cost.

    • They kept Tom Brady auto /25,two Gianni’s autos, bruschi auto, Sony Michelle and others. Platinum breaks is foul in every way.

    • Did the same thing to minime after he won 5k plats , which are equal to us cash , supposedly,
      That’s was his New Year’s Eve party

      And the funny thing is why would you do this
      That thing ! I read this post , and go bang ! I knew it !!there always truth to this stuff , people have better things to do , but when you get RAPEd !!! Are you supposed to call the cops !!!! ! Been there 7 years , and whenever I got a big hit and it was always a fight not to let G buy it for plats !!!! , and if I didn’t he tested me like shit , get a card I pulled is kinda what I’m doin here , not try to be part of some ponzu scam , I’m sorry if this is kinda out to lunch but been driving for 12hrs, need sleep , but I wanted to share ,, real bad !!!!

        • maybe we should post your girlfriends credit card and address. Being that it is the same as yours here from the CC CARD YOU USED TO DO NUMEROUS CHARGE BACKS !!! scammer.

          • What does that or anything else have to do with my account? Post whatever you want. Please do. Not one of my transactions was bad in any way. And many transactions went by but you didn’t say anything. You had to wait until I finally hit something. Then you hold me responsible for someone else’s account. Platinum breaks is shady as all hell heads up! I didn’t accept any of your offers cuz I didn’t do anything wrong. Im not giving up on this.

          • Im not responsible for any other person card or account. What don’t you get about that? Horrible biz!

  • Ya platinum break straight robbed me. I invested in a couple breaks, patriots and bucks. And after many breaks with them didn’t get much. But this time I invested more and Bam! I hit big. Colossal Tom Brady low number auto brushing auto, two Gianni’s auto it was amazing I think I cried a little like I win a oscar. But them I get a call from one of the fat bro the red head. Said there was a over charge from my address not my card but my address. Note my card has at least 15 diff breaks I bought into with no hassle. Alot after the alleged charge back from some other persona card. They kept everything. Broke my heart I wish I could sue or see them face to face. I’m still crushed by it

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