2010/11 Limited Basketball Free Group Box Break – Panini America

2010/11 Panini Limited Basketball Box Break

2010/11 Panini Limited
Basketball Box Break

When: November 8, 2010

Thanks To: http://www.paniniamerica.net

Number Of Entries: 42 Fan Forum Members
Winner: Miami6

2010 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football Hobby Box 2010/11 Panini Limited Basketball Checklist

2010/11 Panini Limited Brook Lopez Base
Brook Lopez #149/199
2010/11 Panini Limited Carl Landry Spotlight
Carl Landry Spotlight #101/149
2010/11 Panini Limited Corey Maggette Spotlight
Corey Maggette Spotlight #38/49
2010/11 Panini Limited Monta Ellis Banner Season
Monta Ellis Banner Season #146/149
2010/11 Panini Limited Gerald Wallace Jersey
Gerald Wallace Jersey #187/199
2010/11 Panini Limited Dominique Jones Rookie
Dominique Jones Freshman Jsy #9/99
2010/11 Panini Limited Dwyane Wade Prime Patch Jersey
Dwyane Wade Prime Patch #2/25
2010/11 Panini Limited Kevin Love Material Monikers Autograph
Kevin Love Material Monikers Auto #17/99

One thing I noticed about our box of 2010/11 Panini Limited Basketball is that we got one extra card (8 instead of 7 cards) and one extra hit (4 instead of the advertised 3). Getting extra hits is something I’ve seen quite often out of Panini products across all sports and this box was no different. The Limited line has been around for years and I love that the company has decided to continue to serial number each and every card including the base set. The cards are thick, and the jersey and autograph cards have a real high end feel to them. Shortly after the release of 10/11 Limited Basketball, boxes were selling in the $60-75 range, which I feel is a good deal considering the strength of the checklist.

Reaction to the box:

  • “Nice Wade and the K. Love was sweet too – congats Miami6!”
  • “Man that Wade card is so tight wish I would of won congrats Miam6.”
  • “Congrats to the winner! Very nice Wade jersey, thanks for the awesome contest!”
  • “I actually might pick a box up for myself.”
  • “D-WADE is awesome that is one of my favorite players thanks a lot” – Winner Miami6
  • “Those are some seriously nice looking cards.To be honest I don’t know who any of those players are. I understand though that Dwayne Wade is quite good. Congrats Miami6.”

HUGE Thanks To: http://www.paniniamerica.net

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