Bypassing Regional Restrictions: Enjoying International Sports Events with VPN

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If you’re tired of missing out on your favorite team games due to location restrictions, consider using a VPN. A VPN can route your IP address to a remote location, granting you access to content from anywhere in the world. With a VPN, you can now stream international sports like the European Soccer League Championships, FIFA  World Cup, or the NFL Super Bowl, regardless of your location.

Being able to watch live sports online is a must for passionate fans. Wondering how to set up a VPN? And what about protecting your privacy while enjoying the game? No worries! I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you set up a VPN for streaming international sports.

How does a VPN Work?

Millions of frustrated individuals, seeking more channel options or facing internet restrictions, rely on VPNs—virtual private networks. These networks not only replace insecure connections but also enable access to online media from nearly any country.

Here’s why a VPN is the ideal choice:

  • Your internet traffic flows securely through a VPN tunnel.
  • Multiple devices allow you to watch numerous sporting events simultaneously.
  • Automatic unblocking ensures access to desired online media.
  • Enjoy online media from any country instantly.
  • Encrypted data transmission safeguards against detection while browsing or downloading.
  • Get an uninterrupted, fast, and reliable connection.
  • Conceal your IP address and protect your internet connection from unwanted attention.
  • Anonymously connect to a VPN server and watch U.S. channels even if they’re blocked in your country.

Global Streaming Rights

Television and online platforms’ broadcasting of games are bound by copyright and streaming rights specific to each country.

Suppose you’re in the United Kingdom and want to enjoy sports events like the Premier League, Formula 1, UEFA Champions League, cricket, and more. To access them all, you’ll need subscriptions to BT Sports, Sky Sports, and Amazon Prime, costing over £1600 annually.

However, in low-GDP nations like Moldova, Georgia, Russia, and Armenia, streaming rights are exclusive, and subscriptions are affordable. For less than $6 per month, you can access more than 36 sports events from around the world, without requiring a second-tier membership. It’s an incredible bundle!

But how can you access such a service if you’re not present in any of those countries? The simplest and legal solution is to use a virtual private network (VPN).

Passing Regional Restrictions for Sports Streaming Services

In numerous countries, access to live sports is limited due to content restrictions in certain regions. Learn how to stream international sports from anywhere around the world with a VPN for sports.

#1 Choose VPN Service

VPN providers understand the challenges you face when trying to stream sports while traveling or accessing content from overseas. Many VPNs can bypass geo-blocking using a dedicated VPN client, while others utilize a Smart DNS Proxy to unblock popular streaming services like WWE Network, Netflix, and Hulu.

Speed and reliability are crucial when it comes to streaming VPNs. Sports events are fast-paced and happen in real-time, so you need a VPN that doesn’t buffer constantly or lose signal.

I tested several well-known VPNs and came to some conclusions. Specifically in my case, the best VPN for BBC iPlayer is VeePN. I was able to stream BBC iPlayer abroad at high speed and in good resolution. In fact, I didn’t even feel the difference between being at home or in a hotel in Sweden. My virtual experience was the same. Other services caused buffering, had slow loading speeds, and some even couldn’t fool the BBC into showing my real location.

#2 Subscribe to VPN

VPNs have gained popularity, resulting in companies offering more affordable options for signing up. Many VPN providers now offer trial periods or money-back guarantees for users to test their features. The same VeePN even offers free Chrome VPN, as well as extensions for other browsers. To get started, sign up via the VPN provider’s website. Once logged in, set up the VPN to work on multiple devices. Most VPN services I’ve researched allow for streaming international sports worldwide.

#3 Choosing a streaming service and channel

Find out which channel or streaming service broadcasts the game you want to watch. Knowing the specific network will help you assess if there are any geographic restrictions on the content. A reliable VPN can bypass blocks by rerouting your IP address through a virtual tunnel to a server in a different country. Now that you’ve subscribed to a VPN, connect to a server to change your IP address location. This will unlock the live event you desire to watch.


Streaming sports events shouldn’t strain our budget. It’s our right to unwind and take a break from life’s pressures. However, the broadcaster disagrees and insists on an exorbitant fee for a few games. As if that’s not enough, we now have to pay extra if another sporting event isn’t included in our current membership. I strongly oppose this overcharging and am here to guide you on how to watch sports events for less by using a VPN service. In most cases, this is your only chance to watch a sport that is not available in your country. With a VPN service, we can change our virtual location and access affordable sports event streaming.

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