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Ripping Wax Threatens Lawsuit Against Sports Card Radio!
Ripping Wax owner David Gelfman has had enough!'Gelf' is SOOOO sick of Sports Card Radio quoting his Blowout Forum posts[...]
Boomo’s Breaks – Notorious Group Break Scammer
Many sports card scammers are able to have long careers ripping off collectors. Loud mouth group breaker "Boomo" is building[...]
ALERT: Fake – Trimmed – Altered – Graded Cards by PSA or BGS
Fitting that the very first card PSA ever graded was trimmed and they didn't catch it. Here are just some of[...]
Heroes of Sport Card Trimming & Group Break Scam
It's with great pleasure we drag this clown through the mud.Will Jaimet used to get on Cardboard Connection Radio (now[...]
Topps Company Greatest Hits of Mistakes
The Topps Company has a long history of selling sports cards in the U.S. since the 1950's. No card company[...]
“Vegas Dave” Fraudulent PSA Michael Jordan RC Card
Notorious high stakes gambler David Oancea, who is better known as Vegas Dave, has been making waves in the sports card[...]
Dak Prescott Panini Prizm Autopen Scandal
The golden boy of the 2016 NFL Football season has some explaining to do! Collectors have been waiting months for[...]
Blowout Cards HACKED: Collectors Hit For $100K +
Blowout Sports Cards has been hacked! First reported by Sports Collectors Daily in April, word of the attack is slowly[...]
Panini America Greatest Hits of Fraud, Scams & Mistakes
Here are the top mistakes, blunders, scams and/or boo-boos in the short history of Panini America's presence in the U.S.[...]

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