Heroes of Sport Card Trimming & Group Break Scam

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It's with great pleasure we drag this clown through the mud.

Will Jaimet used to get on Cardboard Connection Radio (now defunct) and hate on @SportsCardRadio. His company, Heroes of Sport took out full page banner ads on Beckett.com and in their magazine. 

This idiot got other sports card minions to promote him. Sports cards breakers who can break any product for whatever reason deal with this piece of s***.

Here is what he's been up to lately. 


VIDEO: Mini Documentary

COMC user 3124508 lays a visual smack down upon Jaimet in this Blowout thread. Here are the highlights.

In late 2012, Jaimet produced a repack product, Heroes of Sport, & paid hobby blogs to promote him and also got dumb a**es to give him free publicity. 

He got amateur group breakers like Boomo & Gelfman to sell it for him.

The "product" was not even entirely packed out before release. No checklist existed. "Hot boxes" were produced several weeks after the initial release date. 

People are fairly stupid in the sports card world so Heroes of Sport hung around for a little bit and released some other repack products. 

In 2015, Heroes of Sport returned with a product called "The Truth".

The product was sold exclusively though a private facebook group run by a co-owner of Heroes of Sport, Jesse Craig. Craig currently works at PWCC Marketplace

Heroes of Sport posted 25 cards that were supposed to be in "The Truth" on Twitter.... but 22/25 of those cards ended up being sold on the PWCC eBay account

In November 2016, Jaimet was popped on 1 felony, unlawful use of a weapon charge, and 3 misdemeanors in Oregon. He's currently on probation....that he's violated twice. Oops!

Jaimet resurrected Heroes of Sport in 2019 with an Iconic Heroes product.

Blowout Cards (hacked in 2017), Cardsmiths Breaks, Grand Slam Collectibles, and Layton Sports Cards all participated in breaking the product. 

There appears to be trimmed cards in the set. Yikes.

All customers should be refunded ASAP!

>See More Fake & Trimmed Cards HERE<

This Clayton Kershaw pulled by Cardsmiths Breaks looks to have a mangled edge now gone.

In 2018 Jaimet purchased many BGS or PSA 9 colored border Topps Series 1, 2 or Update cards. Magically, there are a bunch of PSA 10 versions of those cards in the 2019 Heroes of Sport product. 

Jaimet also appears to trim many other cards and sell them through PWCC.

Remember a former owner of Heroes of Sport, Jesse Craig, is currently the Director of Business Development at PWCC.

COMC user 3124508 has uncovered 9 trimmed 2009 Donruss Elite Mike Trout autograph cards. 

In total, just from the original Blowout thread there is evidence of over 30 documented trimmed cards by Heroes of Sport owner Will Jaimet. 

Have fun buying stuff on eBay.

Do EXTENSIVE research before buying anything of value to you.

Don't blindly trust PWCC or Probstein123. People in the hobby use these consignment services to dump off questionable inventory. 

PSA and BGS don't give a s*** about you. How hard would it be to measure cards? They don't do that? LOL

Don't buy any Heroes of Sport product. You shouldn't be buying any of that re-pack stuff anyways. 

Most of the people involved with sports cards are shady, BROKE, dumb and only have selfish interests. Always keep that in mind. 

Update: 4/27/2019

Cardsmiths Breaks in a statement posted to his personal Facebook page, points the finger at everyone but himself.

"We don't actually know how many, if any have been altered."

"Blowout & other breakers have carried his products."

PSA or BGS "might" refund you.


Update: 4/30/2019

Grand Slam Collectibles posted a video about the situation.

They broke 25 cases.

Doesn't think anyone should bring up that Will has a felony.

Isn't sure Will trimmed cards.

Must send in your raw cards from the Heroes of Sport and Grand Slam might grade them for you.

Didn't bring up that in 2012 Heroes of Sport was packing out product AND made hot boxes after the initial product was released.

Didn't mention what he was dimed out to break the 25 cases.

Update: 5/3/2019

Looks like our buddy Will Jaimet bought some 260pt One-Touches from one of our Amazon accounts & returned them!

Jaimet no longer has a need for card supplies with his repack business dried up.

Stay Broke My Friends. 



Card Trimmers


Gary Moser
a.k.a "Scissor Hands"
Melville, NY
Case Details


Robert Block
a.k.a "Fat Kid On The"
Boca Raton, Florida
Case Details


Will Jaimet
a.k.a "One Touch"
Tigard, Oregon
Case Details


Superior Sports Investments
a.k.a "SSI"
a.k.a "Bill Sliheet"
a.k.a "Nate Nichols"
Dallas, TX
Case Details


Brent Huigens
a.k.a "Brent Mastro"
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Case Details


Eric Bitz
a.k.a "BuyNiceCards"
a.k.a "BuyTrimmedCards"
Canonsburg, PA
Case Details


Brian Ehricke Deer
a.k.a "Easy Money"
San Francisco, CA
Case Details


Joe Clemons
a.k.a "Meet Joe Black Label"
Dallas, TX
Case Details


Steven Tormollan
a.k.a "InstaTrimmer"
Catonsville, Maryland
Case Details


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  • i was breaking maybe 3 months when marshall approached me about HOS. I knew nothing about buybacks so i just passed the info to gelf who chose for us to help them. didnt know will jaimet, i still dont know him. we brome it, people bought it, hell one guy who won a huge settlement from an accident came in and bough full cases prob 6 times. we ran out, and moved on. But as always cus a product i broke 7 years ago comes up now as full of tgrimmed crap, that of course meant i was involved. SCR, i dont know you but jeez man anytime u wanna call and chat and get the truth, you are welcome to do so. otherwise, thanks for the free press as no press is bad press, specially when me and my customers no ive done not one thing im accused of. have a lovely day

  • If you haven’t gotten a clue from 99% of the people (or in the case of the BO boards, IGNORING) your rants, you come off like a keyboard smashing muppet.

    This is good information, you just sound like a tool when you get over emotional and start throwing feces in all directions.

    Its not your job to place blame, let the general public decide who (PSA!) is at fault here. Also, all of your “news” is just copying other people’s work.

    I’m sure I’ll get some predictable, lame response from SCR now about how much money he has or how no one cares about this life changing info in 3…2…1…

    • A lot to unpack.

      If 99% of the people think I’m a keyboard smashing puppet, that’s ok. Why do you care what the people on BO think of you?

      It might take me longer to write this comment then write the article on this page, so yes, this isn’t any kind of breaking news.

      Most of this websites content is copying company checklists, so yes, most of the work is copying other people’s work.

      You can blame whomever you want, and use your platform to do so. Here is an article about the grading companies: http://www.sportscardradio.com/alert-fake-trimmed-altered-graded-cards-by-psa-or-bgs/

  • Why would you wildly mis-quote Sam? This isn’t TMZ, guy. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. You’re no better than the Heroes people for taking advantage of the situation and twisting the narrative to put down people whose success you’re jealous of. Heard your card shop didn’t go so well which explain your constant venom at retailers. Sorry, dude. Be better.

    • You should create your own website and do Sam a solid and properly quote him. Jealous of breakers? C’mon dude. Be better. I’ve made so much $$ on this website, it’s the breakers who are jelly son.

  • I like how SCR thinks they are superman saving the world by just re-posting scam topics that are already discussed elsewhere and just adding on their personal insults to each topic.

    No original content here, just looks like a monkey flinging feces.

    Are the topics good to know about, absolutely! Is the SCR posted just an angry person shouting at the internet in their mother’s basement, absolutely!

  • Great article, and appreciate the information. Its nice to know that sometimes people are looking out for the casual collector. not sure why people are hating on this site

  • If SCR actually posted anything other than rants and tantrums, or god forbid, original journalism then this place might be taken more seriously.

    As it is, SCR just wants to throw blame and not even in the right places. Click bait garbage website.

    • Thank you Sean. God forbid you have an opinion on trimming cards, loading boxes for breakers, and false advertise a product people pay hard earned money for! Great to see so many of you sheep-like card fondlers care about journalism on a free website! Hahahaaaa

  • People are fairly stupid in the sports card world so Heroes of Sport hung around for a little bit and released some other repack products.

    Stated by Sports Card Radio… oh, the irony…

  • Just think of how much longer you could extend the lease of your Mercedes, or how many more fake Rolex watches you could buy, if you could just muster up just a few more click-bait articles.

  • “Most of the people involved with sports cards are shady, BROKE, dumb and only have selfish interests. Always keep that in mind. ”

    Same goes for this “sportscardradio” place.

    Agreed, this Will guy is the scum of the earth. 0 tolerance for clowns like that. However, SCR is only trying to get a rise and not actually doing any newsworthy reporting. Total click bait piece with shade towards Blowout and such as if they are to blame. SCR stirring the pot does nothing productive here – why dont you look at why PSA actually grades trimmed cards as opposed to blaming BO? There’s some actual journalism.

    • Post your own journalistic review of the situation, we’ll be glad to link it above. In the meantime, anyone who sold/profited off these products deserve to share the blame, including blowout.

    • Mg does the same thing repacks an sells threw Walmart an upper deck themself are no better the whole card industry is one big scam I got 7 tins of 17/18 ser 1 hockey cards from upper deck an were missing all the young guns ther shuda been 3 per tin ×7 tins thats 21 Young guns missing and thsts not a repack product

    • No more than 7 years ago, I bought a box of 1993 SP. The last pack opened had the coveted Jeter RC. I sent it to PSA and said it was trimmed. I then submitted it to BGS and if my memory is correct it came back MINT(9.) I sold it. My point is, PSA should also be investigated by the Feds or someone in CA. I think the hobby’s downfall began not only by the googleplex of cards of Regular issues and limited edition 44 card boxed sets, etc… As an avid collector back then, I bought packs of Topps Big Baseball, b/w 1988-1990. I think they were “test issues” along the Topps UK sets, and the Tiffany sets, the Fleer Glossy sets and the never seen before 1989 UD. All duped? I began collecting rarer things before 1/1 was the big hit. Game-used shirts, autos by UD through stores like Montgomery Wards. But I never had delved into a client of the PSA mirage until 2007. I had seen in many shows pre-’07 BGS, and a gazillion other card grading extravagant companies. PSA was the grading king. I now wonder why? Higher prices for 10s? When was it founded? I have been out of the hobby in terms of serious collection since 2014. But all this 1/1, Triple threads, from 5 licensees to one, Mystique, etc, etc, etc, has exploded the prices of things I was mainly buying, older wax, I could afford, late 70s up to mid 80s wax. It’s all gone now. Divorce has a funny way of shattering dreams. I’ll leave it at this.

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