Most Wanted Card Trimmer Will Jaimet Returns!

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One of the most notorious sports card scammers is back!

He’s now threatened Sports Card Radio with a lawsuit and also challenged us to a $25,000 prize fight.

Oddly, this is all nearly four years too late.

Will Jaimet – Heroes of Sport

Will Jaimet is the co-owner of Heroes of Sport, a re-pack sports card product filled with trimmed cards that helped set off an FBI investigation in 2019.

Jaimet teamed with fellow industry veteran Jesse Craig, currently employed by PWCC, to release several products under the Heroes of Sport brand.

Jesse Craig

Their first “product” was famously not even entirely packed out before release. No checklist existed and “Hot boxes” were produced several weeks after the initial release date. 

Craig has been able to brush off any association with Heroes of Sport and continues working at PWCC.

Over 30 trimmed cards are linked directly to Jaimet, including 9 Donruss Elite Mike Trout rookie cards.

Trimmed Mike Trout

In November 2016, Jaimet was popped on 1 felony, unlawful use of a weapon charge, and 3 misdemeanors in Oregon.

Jaimet even at one point called an Oregon judge a “bitch” in the courtroom and landed 7 extra days in jail.

Our video about Jaimet in 2020 was used by a court to restrict his access to a former friend who was afraid of him.

Now strangely, nearly 4 years after the initial Heroes of Sports story blew up, Jaimet is finally defending himself.

His bizarre behavior includes cringe takes on the US military and simping for actress Margot Robbie.

He’s posted several times on the Net54 Forum and is throwing sports card dealers DA Card World and Blowout Sports Cards under the bus.

Even though Jaimet is a hobby scumbag, the part about the Michael Vick rookie cards is 100% true.

Jaimet is also mad at Sports Card Radio for not contacting him before writing the article in 2019 and releasing the video in 2020.

He’s threatened us with a lawsuit and challenged us to a $25,000 fight on Twitter.

In 2012 we turned down his offer of free product to promote Heroes of Sport. We were one of the few who did.

Jaimet would then routinely bad mouth Sports Card Radio because he seemed upset we didn’t fall in line and promote his junk.

In 2019, because we never took any sponsorship money or product from Heroes of Sport, we were one of the few who called him out.

Why Jaimet is finally defending himself after four years is up for debate.

We’re sure the hobby will give him another chance.

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