How To Go From Average To PRO REALLY FAST in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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There are no fixed techniques to move a player from average to pro overnight. However, there are so many tips, tricks, and strategies that can speed things up. Whether a beginner or an average Fortnite player, you can climb quickly to the Pro stage by working on your aim, building techniques, and game knowledge.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a tactical PvP game mode where you must strive to be the last survivor. Surviving in this mode can be difficult, especially with the shrinking map that forces players into a close-quarter battle. But don’t fret! You can check out these Fortnite cheats to improve your performance.

How to Go from Average to Pro Fast in Fortnite Battle Royale

Meanwhile, discover how you can become a pro fast below.

  1. Improve your aim

Aiming and firing enemies is the main fun in Fortnite. So, your aim must be up to standard to become a pro. Even beginners with ideal aims will dramatically surpass many players in the game. So,  dedicate enough time each day to practice your aim. In addition to improving your aim, you can use some aim trainers like KovaaK’s, Aim Lab, etc., during your training. These tools will give you drills and games to make you an accurate shooter. Interestingly, these tools work well with keyboard, mouse, and controller users.

2. Learn to build quickly

If you’re craving the Pro level in Fortnite tournaments, you must work on your ability to build quickly. It would help if you also memorized your entire builds. Your muscle memory should be active as well. By memorizing your builds, you can easily erect a building based on your reaction to a situation. 

If you’re a target for an enemy, build a defense structure quickly and save yourself. You can use your building to set traps for enemy players too. As they approach to investigate your structure, you can pop out and take them out.

3. Explore and enhance your knowledge of the game

Fortnite Battle Royale and many other games under the battle royale genre are very dynamic. You must have adequate knowledge of the game to make the most out of it. Fortnite Battle Royale is a player vs. player game mode, where up to a hundred players drop on a map to frag each other until one survives. 

At some point in the game, the map begins to shrink with a big circle indicating the safe areas. Players outside this circle will be experiencing damage until their life is gone. However, as the circle shrinks inward, it forces the remaining players into a close-range fight. Whoever survives at the end wins the battle. With this understanding, you must aim at becoming the last man standing.

4. Be a learner and ask questions 

Communicating and learning from Pro players is another key to unlocking your way to the top. On the internet, there are lots of Fortnite pro players publishing their moments in video formats, eBooks, etc. You can connect with them, learn from them, and ask questions. 

When you come across the record of their gameplays, spend more time studying their movements, building tricks, and winning strategies. Over time, you’ll implement what you’ve learned in your game. 

Furthermore, you can follow their network handles to receive updates whenever they publish a new tactic. Additionally, you can ask questions to understand the motives behind their decisions. 

5. Practice one aspect at a time

If you want to go from average to Pro in Fortnite Battle Royale, you must engage in dedicated practice. This means you’ll have to pick a particular aspect of the game you wish to improve. For instance, you can start with your movement. 

Spending more time improving your move throughout the game can give you an edge in the long run. Once you’ve nailed that aspect, you can move on to the next until you’ve mastered all. This is part of the processes involved in becoming a pro, not only in Fortnite.

6. Be patient with your transition. 

Patience is the driving force of success and great achievements. Becoming a pro in Fortnite Battle Royale is not a day job or magic. You must be patient with your transition, observing your improvements and expertise. 

Without a doubt, you’ll fail uncountably in the process, but over time, you’ll start getting more and more wins in your games. You just need to keep practicing, learning, and being open to new ideas.


If you’re ready to journey from an average player level to a pro player in Fortnite Battle Royale, the steps above will guide you through your adventure. What’s more! Improve your aim and learn how to build structures based on your reaction to situations. 

Explore and gain more knowledge of your game. Be a learner and ask questions. There are pros with reliable answers; you can count on them. Engage in dedicated practice and exercise patience. Do these and become a pro fast.

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