Are 2022 Topps Chrome F1 Boxes RIGGED?!

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Rumors floating around a F1 Discord suggest that autographs can be found in 2022 Topps Chrome F1 boxes without even opening them.

A QR code on the back could give away what is inside the box.

One user said he was 5 out of 6 predicting what was inside boxes he purchased and predicted another 15 that he was watching on WhatNot with an 80% success rate.

Boxes of 2022 Topps Chrome F1 were released on January 4, 2023. They were being sold for $299 on Fanatics website while in stock.

One user correctly predicted that this information would appear on Sports Card Radio within the week!

We don’t buy into breaks, we don’t have WhatNot on our phone, we don’t watch F1, we don’t open wax, so others will have to figure out if any of this is true.

Chances are, it’s worth looking into….

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  • It’s a very popular set that sells out within seconds and contains singles such as parallels of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at a very high commanding price so yeah no surprises that there might be shadiness such as rigged boxes are going around.

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