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Been hearing about declining viewership on WhatNot lately. For months we had people telling us Backyard Breaks was “so much bigger” than all other group breakers.

I wonder what their thoughts are now?

MojoBreak had over 21,300 viewers at one point on a new eBay Live platform.

The industry may have been too quick to crown selling platforms (WhatNot) and breakers (Backyard Bro’s) that are still essentially wearing diapers.

Hearing Panini America is shipping customers “empty envelopes” and then doing nothing about it. Yikes.

Hearing that Goldin is shipping items late, leaving many customers frustrated. Some try and buy items off Goldin to then “flip” for a profit at a local show or online.

Having to wait, in some instances, a month or more for items and have thousands of dollars in capital out there dangling in the wind is frustrating for any business owner.

What is going on over at Goldin?

This Tom Brady card has gone missing. Hopefully it can be found and brought home.

If you are a NASCAR fan, or just a fan of really rare cards, you might want to be on the look out for some parallels that never appeared yet from the 2022 Donruss Optic set.

Driver Joey Logano was supposed to give away the packs you see in the picture above during the summer of 2022 but there is no record of that actually happening.

Inside were Yellow Pulsar Prizm parallel cards not found in packs or on the original checklist.

At a recent Dallas Card Show, collectors were said to have found some of these on the show floor. A few have ended up on eBay.

This one is from eBay seller vamcm-45 out of Texas. It sold for .99 cents.

A lawsuit was filed against Instagram legend CardPorn recently.

It’s likely the people who filed the suit knows, like most do, that CardPorn doesn’t live in the United States and this will serve as more of a “press release” than an actual lawsuit with merit.

Hopefully the card owners didn’t pay too much for their lawyers.

The lawsuit is centered around a LeBron James card with a questionable patch.

In the lawsuit it mentions several times that Beckett Grading Services (BGS) has authenticated the card.

Yes, BGS has authenticated the card, but hopefully this isn’t breaking news to anyone, BGS does NOT determine IF THE PATCH ON THE CARD IS AUTHENTIC OR SWAPPED OUT.

No grading company provides or does this type of service.

Making any mention of BGS in this lawsuit, is almost laughable to anyone with knowledge on what grading services actually provide to customers.

If I were to guess, this lawsuit was filed so that the card can be sold, and this was just an expensive way for the card owners to show a prospective buyer this LeBron is “legit.”

Cards and Comics did a YouTube video on PSA Population control that you may want to check out.

Is PSA being shady? You probably know where we stand.

Sport Card Collector Chronicles interviewed a sports card show promoter recently. Really good insight if you are ever thinking about setting up a show yourself.

Check out our new 2023 Card Show Calendar.

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