Scammers Run Scammers Exposed Facebook Group

You’d think a Facebook group devoted to exposing scammers in the sports card hobby would be a safe place.

Think again.

In the often shady world of sports cards – things are not always what they seem

Last April, disgraced breaker Nathan Burns of Grand Slam Collectibles broke 25 cases of Heroes of Sport – a product riddled with trimmed cards from convicted felon Will Jaimet.

The product exposed the shady world of card trimming, and eventually led to an FBI investigation.

You’d think Burns, Jaimet, and the others associated with the scam would be exposed on sites devoted to exposing scammers.

Think again.

Burns is an advertiser on the Scammers Exposed Facebook group.

Any negative comments about Burns are scrubbed. And he’s not the only one.

Last year Stephen Michael, owner of Filthbomb Breaks, sold a trimmed Mickey Mantle to a collector. When the collector posted about the incident on the Facebook group – the post was deleted.


Because Filthbomb Breaks was an advertiser.

But it gets worse …..

Chris Gilmore

For over a year, collectors have been waiting on Chris Gilmore, a moderator on the Scammers Exposed page, and breaker for Vintage Breaks to deliver on a group PSA submission.

The collectors are still waiting.

The supposed 45-day turnaround has lasted over a year.

Gilmore’s response: “Just tell them all to f*ck off”

After a victimized collector got upset about the long wait, Ron Steven Marion, another admin of the Scammers Exposed Facebook Group, messaged the collectors’ place of employment and threatened to leave negative reviews about the business.

Marion later bragged about it to the group.

Collectors are still waiting for their cards.

Some victims feel Gilmore kept the customers’ cards for himself – and the delay is due to the fact he needed to purchase cards in lesser condition to submit.

If you question where your cards are a year later – moderators of the Scammers Exposed Group will call the HR department where you work.

This hobby is full of greedy scumbags.

Recently another moderator of the Facebook Scammers Exposed, Drew Herndon, invited Luis Molina – who runs a cleaning/trimming service for getting cards higher grades onto The Hobby Hotline Show. (link takes you to where the interview starts).

Despite being banned by all the major grading services since 2018, Luis is allowed to promote his service.

A search of Luis’ name in the Scammers website reveals:

Wonder if he’s a paying advertiser as well?

Ultimately the Facebook Scammers Exposed group & website is simply a slush fund to collect bounties from other scammers – and a feeding ground for the moderators to conduct scams themselves.

With card values never being higher – you wonder why dorks like this have to stoop to these levels. But the hobby seems to attract cockroaches. Be careful.

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Anonymous - July 21, 2020

Haha. You are the dumbest person the Internet has allowed to participate in the world wide webs.

    SportsCardRadio - July 21, 2020

    Move to China scrub, they regulate the internet.

    Jim Binkle - July 28, 2020

    all this shit is true…..hell i posted about it last year lol

    Ron Marion - August 31, 2020

    I never meant to hurt anyone … I was just trying to better myself.

Your - July 21, 2020

Cockroach just like the author of this sight. I remember when Josh Cade smacked you like the little bitch you are lol

    SportsCardRadio - July 21, 2020

    Remember when Cardworld TV was supposed to be a thing too? I wouldn’t listen to Josh much.

Anonymous - July 22, 2020

These guys are scum, they come after people who don’t agree with their scamming ways.

    SportsCardRadio - July 22, 2020

    Move to Mexico scrub

Anonymous - July 23, 2020

Is this real?

Rich Boy Selling Crack Just Bought A Cadilac - July 23, 2020

What a fucking retard to make this, you sound like a fucking jealous fuck. Haha

    SportsCardRadio - July 23, 2020

    Move to Mexico

Jim Binkle - July 28, 2020

Man….seeing some of these comments……they must have some pretty dirty knees ….Talk about sucking off the SSX admins…..SSX has been scamming for a long time……i brought most of this up last year in my scammers group

D.Schnutz - July 29, 2020

I wonder why the author didn’t even bother to post his name? Oh wait. Could be someone with someone with credibility.

    SportsCardRadio - July 29, 2020

    Check your nose, it has gilmore’s sh*t on it

Greg - July 31, 2020

This is a travesty. The guy who they called his employer should lawyer up. That’s about as low as you can go

    Grab Your Popcorn - August 29, 2020

    Ironically, they have a rule where if anyone talks about calling employers or other family members, they ban the person for being a “keyboard warrior”. The rules don’t apply to them.

    Also, check out the deal with Ron razzing his car for $21k. Let’s just say they’ve run the razz 3 times, and each time there were major issues, and Ron threatened to put anyone wanting a refund for his total incompetence on the scammer’s list. Another mod wisely deleted that post, but there are screenshots… well, should be, seems the mods are deleting anything that shows just how absolutely corrupt Ron is in this whole deal.

      Anonymous - August 30, 2020

      Don’t forget that it came out later that he doesn’t even have the title and has to pay it off.

Anonymous - August 29, 2020

Please tell me whoever wrote this article sees the Scammers page now imploding due to the admin razzing off his car and completely botching the whole thing?

Anon. E. Muss - August 29, 2020

Biggest scam ever in the hobby is taking place on the page as we speak. One of the admins in your article just scammed the group out of $21k after he tried to razz his car. Can’t make this up.

Daymon - August 29, 2020

If there was any doubt about the Sports Card Scammers Exposed group having some nefarious shit going on, that ended tonight. They just perpetrated one of the biggest scams I’ve ever seen. They razzed a car for thousands of dollars, didn’t do it live, screwed it up 3 times, and still haven’t declared a winner. I feel terrible for the people that thought they won a car/cash.

Concerned Collector - August 30, 2020


Brian - September 5, 2020

What a bunch of morons. They must moonlight as Antifa when they leave the house. The people that lost cards should just go to that queers house and beat the dog piss out of him.

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