Crazy Uncle Auction Scandal: Customer Items Left in RAIN!

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Be careful using Crazy Uncle Auctions! Yes, someone named their business that.

According to Net54 user, CJ Dave, over $500,000 worth of items were DUMPED outside his house when they didn't sell during a Crazy Uncle auction. 

Several other forum users described problems when buying & selling items.

Crazy Uncle is run by Aaron Rothschild, a former Senior Auction Coordinator at Steiner Sports.

Aaron Rothschild

Crazy Uncle's first auction was in October 2019. An address for the business came back to a 750 sq/ft office in Harrison, NY. 

Forum user CJ Dave claimed he consigned $500K - $750K worth of items in March of 2020 to Crazy Uncle. Many of those items were supposed to have a "reserve", meaning if they didn't reach a certain price, they weren't supposed to be sold. But some of those items were sold for an amount under the reserve. Rothschild claims that it was caused by a computer glitch.

Despite the issues from March 2020 auction, CJ Dave decided to consign an additional $500,000 worth of items in the next Crazy Uncle auction. 

Once again items are sold that should of had reserves that were not met.

But things then get worse. Unsold items were dumped in front of CJ Dave's house. Not once, but twice. Wow. Here is how he describes the events:

Not Once....

While I am at work today I see on my home cameras that all the "unsold" items from the auction were dumped in front of my house.....about 30 feet from the street in plain view for anyone to see.

I would estimate over $500K worth of collectibles were just put in front of my house, some in boxes, many just out in the open and easily distinguishable as to what the item was.

Quickly, I cancelled all my meetings and dashed home for an hour drive as fast as possible so that I could get these items inside and not stolen. 

I called Aaron repeatedly until he picked up. I asked if he was kidding me, his response: "You said you don't want to do business with me anymore so here's your sh*t back."

I told him those items were stored and locked away, not to be placed in front of my home in 95 degree heat. These are one of a kind historical documents signed by our founding fathers (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, etc.) and signed by Lincoln, Kennedy, every President and Vice President. Had I not had cameras of my home on my computer, those items would be sitting out for anyone to steal and to be destroyed in the heat until I got home about 10 hours later. His response, "Not my problem anymore."

But Twice....

So as a further update to everyone, and just when I thought Aaron from Crazy Uncle's couldn't:
a) stoop any lower, 
b) couldn't have any less regard for other peoples hard earned and cherished property and
c) couldn't act with any less professionalism and class that he has alread.

As I am on vacation this weekend away from home with my family, I get a call from a neighbor that another large batch of my stuff was dumped in front of my house DURING A TROPICAL STORM!!!!

By the time I had the neighbor grab the items for me, they said many of the boxes were soaked! I have no idea what items are in the boxes as I won't be home until later tonight, but by the quantity of items, this is at least another $250K worth of my valuable collection!

I ask this....where and when does this ABSURDITY end?

Several hobby outlets have helped promote Crazy Uncle Auctions, including multiple articles written on the blog for Blowout Sports Cards.

Rothschild was a guest on the PSA's Great American Collectibles Show, Episode 189, dated June 17, 2020.

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  • I have 1000 of my top cards with Aaron Rothschild and Crazy Uncle Auctions. I only have 1 phone number for him which now says the number is out of use. I have emailed crazy uncle auctions repeatedly asking someone to contact me as there’s probably 600 or so top quality sports cards that they have unsold this year in the 2 auctions they’ve had. If anyone knows how to contact him or someone at crazy uncle auctions please reply here or email me at t.duro@hotmail.com please. I will offer a cash reward to the person who brings me in contact with him! Thanks in advance!

    • Update: Aaron was able to reach me. There was a mis-communication on my end as he was actually trying to get a hold of me as well through an old email that I forgot to update with him as well as an expired phone number on my end. My apologies Aaron, this was my bad.

      My 2 cents: Aaron has always been kind, fair and hard working for me. The money he has gotten for me through his auctions for my cards and memorabilia has helped me and my family survive up to this point, in this bizarre year to say the least! I have read some of the things out there and remember “You can’t please everyone” especially in this day and age. If you haven’t dealt with Aaron yet, don’t let the opinions of a few throw you off. Decide for yourself.

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