May 2011 Sports Card Radio Mail Bag Questions & Answers

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Where do you find the diamond di cut or die cut cards? Are they inserted in packs at all?

Thanks for the e-mail! I think you are referring to the 2011 Topps Baseball Diamond Card found via the Diamond Anniversary code cards.

Basically you redeem codes (on the redemption card inserted into packs) online for a chance to win one of the real diamond cards, or one of the parallel cards – or another vintage card from the past sets, much like the million card give-away. While I can’t recall seeing a real diamond card myself – I’m sure they will be available on eBay, if they aren’t already. The cards themselves are not inserted into packs – you must ‘win’ the card by redeeming the code & Topps will send it to you.

Hope that helps, if its another set you are referring to, let me know and I’ll try to help.
Thanks for the e-mail

Hello! I do have a question…from 2011 Prestige Checklist, do you have any information regarding the NFL Equipment Logo Patch Autographs? I know 2010 Prestige was /25, but I don’t see anything for 2011.

What they are ###’d to I don’t know. I would guess it’s around 25. I will update the checklist I have going hopefully with more details if they ever emerge.

2011 Panini Prestige NFL Equipment Logo Patch Autograph

How do I start selling cards off my smart phone?

I know you can sell using the eBay App on either Apple or Android phones. Its a pretty simple process where you can upload the photo from your phone, and type in the basic description … then list to eBay. I’m not sure how the other platforms work on the phone, but I know the eBay one works pretty well and its worth checking out if you want to use your phone. Hope this helps and best of luck with your sales.

I just found your show and have listened to the last few episodes on itunes.  It is very enjoyable and I wanted to thank you for it.

I have just re-gotten in to cards… I collected as a kid in the 80’s and now I am getting back into it with my son.  We are really into the basketball cards (we have focused a lot on the Absolute Memorabilia basketball).  I am really getting confused though – so much has changed since I collected.  It seems like a new basketball set is being released nearly every other week.  I dont really feel like I can get into every set (the boxes are so expensive now) so I wondered what set you would recommend as probably holding it value the longest.

Thanks for the e-mail and I’m glad you’ve gotten back into cards. The releases come out very often, but in fact – they used to come out more often when Upper Deck, Topps, Donruss, Fleer and a couple of other brands were in business. Now its really just Panini (who is Donruss, Score, and some other brands) and Upper Deck who uses the College uniforms/license.

In terms of what might hold its value – the rookie cards really tend to go up/down, but are highly collectible as the years go on of top players. On-card autographs hold their value over time more than sticker autographs. In basketball, brands like National Treasures and Exquisite tend to be more collectible, mainly because they are the most expensive sets … but even ‘common’ players tend to sell for more than other brands.

In terms of what I think might be undervalued in the sport, probably ‘vintage’ bball cards (pre 1986). Autographs of non ‘stars’ are usually cheaper than other sports … so I think if the NBA got more popular, there would be some growth in that area. NBA cards are certainly a distant 3rd behind Baseball and Football collecting – so you can find good deals on almost any player.

My favorite current set from Panini is Classics, because they have all on-card autographs RC cards, unlike most every other set they make. Also, I almost never buy boxes, as the top single cards can usually be had for the box price … so you might as well buy the single. (For example, John Wall auto’s sell for $100+, I’d rather buy one of his autographs than an $80 box)

Hope this helps – if return on investment is important, take your time and do lots of research before buying. If you just want to have some nice cards, experiment with the teams/players you like & you can’t go wrong. Let me know if you have any other questions, would be happy to help. Best of luck with your collection!

Love your website
Quick question, is topps doing finest baseball this year if so do you know when????

thanks for your time

Good question! Looks like the preliminary release date is: September 27, 2011
You can find the early checklist here.

Thank you!

2011 Topps Finest Baseball


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