R-Rated #21: No Topps Amazon – ePack Mistake – Breaker Hacked

Topps has told dealers they can’t sell MLB products on Amazon. Will they enforce it?

Upper Deck ePack makes a mistake and fanboys come running to defend them.

A group breaker website was hacked.

Byron Buxton update.

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Opening Music: “Gimmie Shelter” – Rolling Stones

Show recorded: 9/6/2017

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Jeremy - September 8, 2017

Thanks for the great content once again.

I remember seeing those Topps Opening Day Blasters on the first page of my search for baseball cards a couple months ago, I thought Amazon was pushing them hard!

Speaking of Epack, do you know what Upper Deck does with the physical cards that are combinable after they are combined? For example, when 5 Young Guns are combined into a Silver Foil, what does UD or COMC do with the 5 YGs that were combined, destroy or recycle back into packs?

Thanks Again.

    SportsCardRadio - September 14, 2017

    That’s a good question, and actually I know there is a Chris Carlin interview out there that answers this. I will keep trying to find out and will let you know.

Matthew Tormey - September 15, 2017

Prior to this notice from Topps, aren’t sports cards are gated category? How did you hop right into selling them immediately?

    SportsCardRadio - September 15, 2017

    Single cards are, but not unopened boxes.

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