Firehand Cards Group Breaker HACKED!

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The Godfather of Group Breaking got hacked! An email from Firehand Cards CEO Chad Redfern sent to customers on August 30th states several customer accounts were tampered with.

According to the email, no payment card data or bank account information was impacted. Firehand promises new security features “to ensure nothing like this will ever happen again.” A new Firehand website is expected to launch in September.

Getting hacked is nothing new to sports card websites. The first high profile attack hit the Topps site in 2016.

Online retailer Blowout Cards stumbled a bit responding to their January 2017 hack.

Sports Card Radio has been hacked at least once or twice.

Sites like Topps, Blowout and Firehand Cards need to take much more care in regards to security because they have customer credit card and bank information.

Hackers typically enter sites through vulnerable or outdated plugins and software.

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