Recent Topps & Panini QC Disasters

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Quality Control – or QC – issues aren’t anything new for card companies.

But we’re not talking about $0.99 packs anymore.

Greatest Hits: Panini QC Blunders

Greatest Hits: Topps QC Blunders

Greatest Hits: HGA Label Blunders

Take a look at this. A beautiful Tee Higgins 1/1 NFL Shield card. Only problem is, the sticker auto is hobby golden-boy Justin Herbert.

Tee Higgins 1/1 Signed By Justin Herbert

Maybe not the worst tradeoff when Justin Herbert is the mistake. But check this one out. A 1/1 printing plate featuring F1 legend Lewis Hamilton.

Only problem, the sticker auto is Liam Lawson.

I’d be pissed

Seems like the folks who print the cards for Panini & Topps need to conduct eye tests for employees more regularly. Here are some more disasters.

Sports Card Radio feels your pain. Both of my Tesla’s have been to service multiple times for QC issues. Only difference is Tesla sends someone out to my house to fix it, for free. Good luck getting Panini or Topps to do that.

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  • Companies with exclusive licenses such as Topps for MLB and F1 and Panini for NFL and NBA ought to be held up to the highest standard when releasing their products. This consistent QC issue with their past and present releases show they have no honor nor integrity and can do whatever they want because “ThEy GoT a ExClUsIvE lIcEnSe AnD yOu HaVe To BuY fRoM uS eVeN iF oUr PrOdUcT qUaLiTy Is CrAp!”

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