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Hobby hero Geoff Wilson, better known as Sports Card Investor, said in a recent video posted to his personal channel that he has 25% of his net worth tied up into cards. 

I wonder how much of that is invested in Will Grier cards

Wilson also suggested rental properties as a good investment. Doesn't he know that most card fondlers still live with their mommy and daddy? 

Topps has decided to add not one, but two more cards to the 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs. 

VIDEO: Topps Chrome Fallout

Now customers who purchased a box of 2022 Topps Chrome will get a 4 card pack with the missing Sp cards randomly inserted. Originally Topps was only going to pony up 2 cards.

According to one wholesale distributor, the Silver Packs are supposed to start shipping around September 30, 2022.

Bad news for collectors apart of the class action lawsuit against Panini America over redemption cards. 

Looks like the court ruled in favor of Panini regarding a key ruling. eBay seller Jon's Sports Cards did a video on the recent update.

We interviewed the lawyer who originally took this case on, Michael Roche, in 2019. He sadly passed away a few years ago. 

A recent video by BlueJacket66 seems to imply that the FBI investigation into the 2019 trimmed cards scandal is still ongoing. 

The Article That Kicked PWCC Off eBay

PWCC is telling customers that authorities still have in their possession cards turned over by PWCC which are believed to be trimmed. 

According to the video, in an email from PWCC, the company will offer to sell the cards back to the original owners if/when the authorities return the cards.

Some customers of Marx Cards, the Southern California hobby shop that went bankrupt in January 2022, still have not received their cards back from PSA. 

VIDEO: Marx Cards PSA Group Sub SCAM

It appears that the shoddy record keeping of Marx Cards is holding up some of the process. The guy ran his $4 million PSA group submission business through Instagram DM's. 

Last week, we dropped a rumor that wholesale distributor Southern Hobby might be acquired by Fanatics. 

A second source said the price was too high and Fanatics passed.

Now a third source is saying employees ARE preparing for Fanatics to buy Southern Hobby. 

We'll see what goes down. 

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