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Panini’s New Terms of Service

Panini continues to dot “i’s” and cross “t’s” as it preps itself to be sold to Fanatics. This week it updated its terms of service for redemption cards. The new TOS clearly states all expired redemption cards are void & worthless.

Additionally if Panini does not fulfill the redemption after 6 months of waiting – the company will automatically send you a replacement at its sole discretion.

According to court documents 14-25% of all redemption cards are not fulfilled by Panini.

Fanatics x Panini Buyout Soon

Everything is starting to lineup for a deal announcement soon. Fanaticscollectibles.com is being converted into Panini’s Knights Lance Blog.

The people in the hobby that are still in denial about this deal closing soon probably think Will Grier is a 4x better of an investment than Kyler Murray.

GTS Got Robbed

Unopened cases of expensive trading cards were stolen recently from GTS’s Southern California warehouse. Makes you wonder why the facility doesn’t have a vault for items like this – but the sports card bunch isn’t known for its high IQ.

Full details about the robbery, including potential information on the vehicles involved can be found at Sports Collectors Daily.

ALT Hikes Prices – Immediately Regrets It

Fledgling Vault/Marketplace website ALT sent out an e-mail informing sellers of a new fee structure. While this isn’t exactly newsworthy or unexpected, it was handled in typical fail site fashion.

Initially the e-mail said seller fees would be 5% of the selling price (that’s a 100% increase) and a minimum fee of $10.

When I read this, I thought it was a mistake. ALT surely meant a maximum fee of $10?

Apparently not. Although the site later retracted the $10 minimum fee, the damage has been done. While I have a few cards at ALT – I wouldn’t send them much business as the traffic/sales don’t measure up to other platforms for the price.

BEWARE of @RyansCardssLLC

Something is off about RyansCardssLLC. He spends money on cards like he stole it … or at best got a huge chunk from mommy & daddy. Maybe he’s Kentucky Road Shows long lost cousin, but either way guys like this are strange to say the least.

More often than not, guys like this blow the easy money and end up stiffing the community. I wouldn’t trust this guy – for many reasons.

Another Brian Gray (Leaf) Meltdown

Earlier this week Brian Gray implied sellers of his recent soccer release has “weak hands” and were “too lazy” to realize that possibly the product could be sold for more.

Newsflash to Brian Gray. EVERYTHING is tanking in price. Stocks, bonds, crypto, real estate, and certainly (unlicensed) pictures of men.

Why does BG care about secondary market anyway? He’s already made his money … maybe it’s because he’s got employees listing these cards on eBay (more on that later).

The biggest losers? The people that opened up the product and (naturally) threw away the boxes and wrappers. Also, the people with “diamond hands” that wanted to hold – now have to rip in order to get the redemption.

Really, really bad communication by Brian Gray & even worse promotion.

Marvel PUMPERS Regret Life

A coordinated effort to PUMP Marvel precious metal gems earlier this year worked for a little while. But like everything in this hobby – what goes up, must come down.

“Sports Card Investor” Geoff Wilson, The Great Curator (two guys that can’t show you a nice car or watch) convince the newbs they are actually successful. Instead they constantly pump & buy cards at the top and watch the values tank – just like a newb.

Luckily the hobby as people that actually know what they are talking about. It’s usually the people who don’t have the flashiest videos and dozen of employees that don’t know who Bo Bichette plays for. #WhoDoYouListenTo? AIH Sports YouTube.

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