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Leaf Trading Cards employee Josh Pankow sold over (30) 2022 Leaf Metal Soccer cards on eBay the other day. 

> Pankow eBay Account

In 2019, Leaf CEO Brian Gray changed a company policy after an article from Sports Card Radio was released. 

"To alleviate any future concern, we put a policy in place to prevent even the appearance of impropriety, no longer selling any cards of any kind to employees under any circumstance," said Gray. 

Pankow is handling the box redemption program for 2022 Leaf Metal Soccer.

It's unclear where Pankow got his product. 

The SEC popped mega-celebrity Kim Kardashian the other day for pumping a crypto scam

If you read what she got hit for, looks like some sports card influencers could also be in legal jeopardy in case anyone at the government wanted to look that close. 

Maybe that's why some very popular sports card influencers recently deleted a bunch of videos. 

If you pump 7-foot-5 center Victor Wembanyama, after his 37 point performance the other night, then I actually wouldn't blame you. 

This was the last DM Ken Goldin sent us before we released this video about him

Ken treated us like some wimpy media members when he should have treated us like his #1 customer.

Live and learn I guess...

Hobby Hound opened a box of 2021 Topps Chrome Baseball Jumbo and got 4 of the same autograph!

Check out all the action on YouTube.

Hobby Hound on eBay

The Industry Summit occurred this week and it appeared to be a snooze fest. Fanatics and Panini didn't announce a deal, but even more telling, there was no denial. 

With only two people left handling customer service over at Panini America, collectors are probably hoping a deal gets announced soon. 

Dan the Card Man did a good video explaining a situation where Beckett Grading Services (BGS) graded some sheet cut EX Credential cards with fake serial numbers on them. 

Here is a throwback to when Huggins and Scott sold a bunch of Topps sheets that included rare Mike Trout cards on them. 

These cards were also cut and graded by BGS. 

I asked Topps about them in 2013 and they said it was a legal issue. Apparently these were stolen. 

Original Auction Link

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