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So much stuff going on in the hobby, we just have a general news day where we run down some of the hottest topics in collecting.

2011 Upper Deck Evolution Video Cards have introduced a new kind of card to collect, that I think could have some legs if the companies can improve further on the technology. I think it would be neat (and make these cards more collectible) if you could download highlights & exclusive video throughout a season (or career) of the athlete on the front. Panini has Autograph versions in the works – but I think non-auto versions could be collected by non-collectors and fans.

Authorized Online Retailers and Minimum Advertised Pricing have been hot topics for business owners & collectors alike. In the short term, it probably means slightly higher prices and less options as a buyer/collector. However, in the long term – it should help strengthen hobby profits – which will help values and collectibility of cards in the future. Instead of having minimum prices or really restricting sales, I think ‘case-toppers’ or incentives to hobby stores who regularly purchase product could be equally as effective – and not effect prices to the end consumer (collector) as much. Say for example if you buy a case of 2010/11 Panini Classics Basketball – you get a special pack as a hobby store owner that has either a Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, John Wall or Blake Griffin Autograph inside? The store owner could sell the pack, the autograph or use it as a promotion to help sell the boxes of 10/11 Classics that just arrived. Plus collectors will start to learn that going to hobby stores (or finding their online/eBay store) will be the only way to find these ‘special edition’ cards.

At the same time hobby manufactures try to maintain price integrity – eBay and USPS have raised rated – so you’ll want to keep an eye on those if you do a lot of selling online.

Personally I’ve had fun recently going to Stockton Ports Games (Oakland A’s A+ Minor League Team) We’ve been following young prospects like Michael Choice and Max Stassi.

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